Hi everyone!

My name is Alexis Trionfo and I’m going to be the TA for your class this year! I am a sophomore psychology major and I’m really excited to be working alongside you guys through blogs this year. I took general psychology my junior year of high school and during my first year at Etown I took neuroscience and abnormal psychology. I’m currently taking psychological statistics and social psychology. I really look forward to becoming a counselor of some kind outside of schooling. Other information about me is that I am working towards an art minor and a data analytics minor. I’m also an RA in Royer (1st floor) this year!

I’m looking to set up some office hours outside of the class to help you guys out and answer any questions you may have! I’ll post those once I can set a concrete time frame. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me around or ask me any questions; I’m the one with the pink hair and big glasses. 🙂