Extra Credit-Johari Window Post

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The process of going through the Johari Window was very eye opening. It was very difficult to only pick 5 words that described me, though I was able to distinguish some. I saw myself as someone who is caring, dependable, friendly, and trustworthy. Though, the words that were picked the most to described me only included one of the words that I thought described me the best. The words top three words that were chosen to describe me included energetic, extroverted, and friendly.

I think this is a pretty valid personality test because those that took it were people that I am around almost every day and they know me pretty well. The words that were given were not very specific, so people were able to describe someone one in a wide variety of ways. Though there are some words that are also very similar in meaning that may make the survey a little confusing. Some of these words included cheerful and happy. When I read these words, I think of the same thing and some others might as well.

The thing that I am proud of the most is that almost all of descriptions are positive and that it expresses that I am a social person. I have not always been like that so seeing that other people are seeing that in me makes me feel great. I was also happy to see that they saw me as happy and cheerful, because I always try to cheer everyone up that is around me. Though, nothing really stood out to me that was surprising.

Spotlight post #2

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There are multiple things or events that can cause someone stress, these are called stressors. Some stressors include, daily hassles, traumatic events, and different life changes. There are many strategies that people can participate in to relieve stress. Everybody is unique, and one strategy may work for one person but not for another.

The first site that I came across provided stress management tips for athletes. Some of the stress management tips that they provided included, have a support system, have a positive attitude and participate in other physical activities. Most of the strategies that were provided have a possibility of being successful. A support system is a coping strategy that has been shown to have a positive effect on decreasing stress levels. Sometimes you just need a hug or someone to talk to. Having a support system will allow for you to have hope for the future and confidence in your own abilities. Having a positive attitude or being more optimistic is a good stress management strategy as well. When someone is optimistic they are able to better cope with stress and stressful situations as well as have better health in both eh short and long term. Those that are optimistic also have smaller increases in their blood pressure during times of stress. Finally, participating in other recreational activities can help manage stress as well. Regular physical activities have been shown to have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. Exercise reduces stress as well as mild depression. Aerobic activities have also been shown to put people in a better mood, as people who participate in aerobic activities express more self-confidence and a decrease in fatigue.

The second site that I found was directed towards college students. Obtain emotional support, get enough sleep, and breathe were a few stress management strategies that the website referenced. Emotional support is a good stress management strategy, as it allows you to talk about what is stressing you out. This is a constructive strategy called emotion-focused coping. The strategy is when you focus on the feelings that are involved in what is stressing you, the emotional support them comes from family and friends. This allows you to get what is causing you stress off of your chest. People who sleep do not leave enough time to sleep, end up being fatigued and lack alertness. This increases the amount of stress that a person may be under. When getting a decent night’s sleep, you are allowing yourself to be less fatigued allowing you to be more productive during the day, decreasing the amount of stress you are under. Breathing is a large part of relaxation and relaxation techniques that reduce stress. Those who have used relaxation techniques have been shown to have less stress. Breathing techniques have also been shown to reduce suffering and improve compassion and insight.

The third sight that I found was directed towards teachers. Some of the stress management tips that they provided included keeping a journal, make time for faith, and make time for physical affection. Keeping is a strategy that allows you to write down your stresses, allowing you to get the issue off of your chest. Faith is a something that allows people to destress themselves. Lack of control is a large factor that plays into stress, which is why religion is a technique that can be used to manage stress. Religion allows you to have control over yourself, which is something that allows you to reduce stress because you have control over something. In most religions you also have a support group, as people in religious groups are there for one another. Physical affection is also something that the website mentioned to be a technique to manage stress. This is something that may help for some, as it provides support both positive physically and emotionally support.




First Impression Post-Chapter 9

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Throughout my school career there have been multiple teachers and staff that have affected my life in many ways and most of the time in a positive manner. Teachers were the ones who were fighting to make me love learning as much as they enjoyed teaching it as well as fighting for me to reach my fullest potential. My educators are the reason that I was success in not only my educational career but also in my life after high school on my own. They allowed me to build up a sense of independence and that has made me who I am today.

Though there are always some aspects of the school system that can change to help improve a student’s performance in the classroom. One thing that I would change about the school system would be the little amount of time that a student has outside of the classroom during the school day to receive extra help from the teacher if they are not understanding a concept. There were many times in high school that I was lost in a class or multiple classes and was unsure what was going on. We did have a little break in between classes for a study hall but that only lasted about 30 minutes which was not enough time to visit all of the classes that I needed help in. More time would allow the gaining a clearer understanding as well as allow students to visit more teachers so I they are not as far behind in classes

Another aspect of the school system that I would change would be the lack of freedom in classrooms. There were times in classrooms that I was silent the entire class because the teacher was continuous teaching and I felt as though the questions that I want to ask were non-intelligent and I would be made fun of for asking them. Students should not feel as though they cannot ask questions to gain clarity on topics. Classrooms should be more of a comfortable space that students feel comfortable and not judged.

First Impression Post-Chapter 10

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“Can’t feel my face” by The Weeknd may at first glance seem like a love song but it is actually about his bad habit or addiction to drugs. He personifies the drug as a she, making it seem as though he is in a relationship with a woman when in reality he is talking about the effects the drugs have on him. These effects include him dying of overdose, the pain he goes through when he is not using the drug, and his knowledge of the damage that has yet to come to him due to his drug use.

He says, “we both know we can’t go without it,” which is inferring his addiction to the drug that he is currently using and him not being able to function when he is not using. He also says, “And I know she’ll be the death of me,” expressing his knowledge that his usage could end up with him dead, from an overdose. Yet even, though he knows the side effects he repeatedly says, “but I love it.” He also knows the side effects after the high that he gets as he says, “all the misery was necessary when we’re deep in love.” The Weeknd realizes the side effects to his drug addiction and all of the negatives to the usage yet still talks about how much he loves the high.

The song may at first come off as a love song, that he is unable to express how much he loves this girl. When in reality the true meaning behind the song is his drug usage.

First Impression Post (Chapter 2)

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My current stress level is a little high as I have a lot of work I need to complete out of the classroom as well as study the material for all of my classes. My current stress management strategies are helping me however and allows me to not freak-out about my work load. Some of my strategies right now is making sure I am not procrastinating, keeping an agenda with due dates on hand at all times, and organizing my notes in a way that I am able to retain them to the best of my ability when it comes time to start studying for an exam my notes are organized and I know what I am reading. I am normally a big procrastinator, so I have started to complete my work about two days before it is due so that I am not getting behind and I am able to not have to stress because I didn’t get work done for a class that is due the next day. Getting work done early and not waiting to the last minute has been working really well for me as it is stopping the extra amount of stress that would be added to the assignment that should not have to be there. Keeping an agenda is also working really well for me, as I am able sit down and have everything that is going to be due in front of me, so I am able to prioritize things that need to get completed. This allows me to get my work done as well as complete it to the best of my ability and not just throw words onto papers because I am rushing.

I used to be play sports all through school. There was never a time that I wasn’t on a field or a court and that relieved a lot of my stress. It was a place that I was able to release built up stress and have fun. I could incorporate this into my routine by visiting the gym more, lacing up my cleats and going to kick a ball around may also help as well. I think that just by doing more physical activity I will be able to relieve more stress.

Spotlight Post 1- Learning

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When I was growing up, I remember multiple times when I was given a survey and at the end the results would tell me the best way for me to retain information. I was labeled with two, visual and kinesthetic, so I was given different ways to study using which way I learned best. My teachers would also try and incorporate some of the styles into class, with reading out loud, showing pictures, or make us get up and move around while learning. However, there are many different studies on learning techniques and whether or not they help with success.

The Center for Teaching and Learning at Yale gives evidence that learning styles are a myth as it calls learning styles a neuromyth. Students have not reported learning better when using study methods given in their learning style category. The website also given some recommendations to replace learning styles with strategies and resources that will help them to better learn and understand concepts. This resource is credible as it is written by a well named university as well as includes many resources to better their argument.

Another source I found also refutes that idea that learning styles help those to better retain information. SAGE journals, has an article published that gives evidence that learning styles are not beneficial to students. There is “no adequate evidence” to express that learning styles needs to be integrated into educational systems and classrooms. This article is credible as it gives examples of true experiments that include random assignment to groups as well as multiple scholarly articles.

However, there is some data that supports the use of learning styles when it comes to retaining information and studying. There was a study conducted by the Productivity Environmental Preference Survey, that produced results expressing that those who studied using strategies from their learning style after being exposed to the information, did significantly better than those who barely or did not at all use the strategies of their learning style. This study is credible as they included a 2-control group and two sets of treatment groups, two treatment groups for each control group. The article was published on a credible site, American Psychological Association.

Another study that shows that learning styles are good to pay attention and should be included in a student’s life. This is another journal that was published on the American Psychological Association website. They assigned 104 nursing students to an experimental group. This group was given homework that was based on their learning style, while the other group of was just given the normal homework. These groups were equal when it came to SAT scores. They were given three periodic test and by the end of the year it showed that the experimental group who received treatment had higher grade and GPAs, and “lower anxiety and anger scores”. This expressing that those who utilize their learning styles will have less stress and better retain information allowing them to do better in classes. This study included control groups and

Based on my findings I would concluded that learning styles should not be payed attention to. There is not a lot of evidence that supports that learning styles are important and should be incorporated into students learning. I had a difficult time finding evidence that supports learning styles but found an abundant amount of evidence suggesting that learning styles do not make a big difference in the retaining of information for most students, as most of the time test scores didn’t not change when a certain learning style was incorporated into their education.




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Chapter 3 First Impression Post (sleep)

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Since I have come to college my sleeping habits have steadily gotten worse as I am getting less sleep per night. I am always up late studying for an exam or doing work to keep my grades up, though I am starting to feel the effects, as I am starting to sleep through alarms, I have a hard time getting up, and when going to bed I have a difficult time actually falling asleep. I can feel my exhaustion throughout as it gets progressively harder to pay attention in classes or even pay attention to what I am reading as I am going through my textbook. I get on average 6 hours a sleep per night, but a realistic goal for amount of sleep for a college student is probably about 7 or 8 hours. This will allow enough time for students to get enough sleep so they are able to get more out of their day when it comes to paying attention in classes and retaining information while studying.

I can improve my sleeping habits by not waiting to the last minute and procrastinate when it comes to getting work down for some of my classes. This will allow me to not stay up as late when I do not have to worry about the paper that I have due the next day that I had not even started. I can also start to study more with a group of friends. This will allow me to not only learn important concepts but also allow me to have a social life, so I am not trying to squeeze that in between studying.

1st Impression Post-Chapter 3

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My stance in marijuana is, if it is for a medical reason it is okay to be legal. However, for recreational use, that I do not think should be legal.

Medical marijuana can help to put people out of their misery or to help them control their disease so that it is less invasive of their lives and they are able to live a better. Marijuana that is prescribed medically is normally to help those that are in pain. This can include those that get frequent and terrible headaches or even those that have a cancer and their disease is causing them pain. These are times that prescribing medical marijuana is okay and should be legal. It is being prescribed to help those that are in pain and are suffering. The positive to medical marijuana is that those who are in pain, there amount of pain decreases and they are able to live a fuller, happier life. However, a negative to medical marijuana is that it could decrease the intellectual functions, like memories, they could also start to become less interested in the things that they loved so much in the past. Therefore, even though their pain will be decreasing there will to do the things that they love or things that they find interesting.

Recreational marijuana, however, should not be legal. People that are using marijuana for fun are people who should not have it. It can cause those using it to be dependent on it. It can also cause hallucinations as well as health risks to those who do not need it. Those who are given medical marijuana are given a certain amount, allowing them to control their usage of the amount. When it is used in a recreational way, they are free to use as much as they want, and this can lead to dangerous behaviors and health risks as it is known to cause shallow breathing. Though a positive to those using it, it is a chance for those who are social awkward to have a chance to fit in and be more outgoing. However, the negatives seem to outweigh the positives as it has a possibility of causing some serious health side effects.

Therefore, my opinion is marijuana should be legal if it is for medical reasons not for recreational usage.

First Impression Chapter 8

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Memories are made through every person’s lifetime, all are unique and possess a different meaning for each person. Though, like the prompt says, some of the memories are stronger than others, making some feel as though it just happened yesterday when it could have happened over fifteen years ago. I think that some memories are stronger than others because they contain so many strong emotions. For example, those that remember what they were doing when 9/11 occurred. The emotions that were probably occurring at the moment were strong, a strong sense of fear, a strong sense of loss, and a strong sense of anger. These emotions occurred so strongly that the memory that contained those emotions will be just as strong, making it something that they are able to recall nearly perfectly.

I believe that a way that we could study, if the reasoning for the strong memories is because of the strong emotions, is to gather a group of volunteers ranging in multiple ages, and randomly assign those people to two groups. One of the groups will be told about an event that may have had some significance to them, that would cause strong emotions, for example 9/11 or the Boston marathon bombing in 2013, and will be asked to describe the event, what they were doing when they found out about the event, what did they feel at the moment. The second group would be given less intense moments that won’t include as strong set of emotions. Such as a family members graduation or playing on the jungle gym in the fourth grade. They would then be asked to explain the moment, to give the emotions that they were feeling. The intensity of both groups would be ranged on a scale of 1(not vivid) to 10(extremely vivid).

Then, the results would be compared after the study. Comparing the mean scores of the two groups, which in return would give a good explanation on which group had a stronger memory and give a reliable conclusion that the stronger the emotions, the stronger the memory.

1st Impression Post

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Violence in video games has become more vivid and graphic. I, however, do not believe that the increase in violence in video games is the sole reason for the increase of violence in reality. Throughout history, violence has always been a part of society in some way or another. Though, one of the most prominent examples can be war, when it comes to things in society, you could also put a blame on movies or even adult figures in a child’s life. Movies have always included some kind of violence, whether it was the three stooges poking each other in the eyes or watching Wild West movies with cowboys and bandits shooting at each other. The years have gone on, violence is still incorporated into movies in a more vivid manner, just as they are in video games. This being said how was it the increase in violence only blames on the video games when they are other methods of which violence can be expressed to a child? Violent video games can be seen by many different perspectives, though most negative, there is at least one positive that I can think of, children are able to see what some people go through in a war zone, in the military, and hopefully that game will increase the amount of support that is given to those in service.

Family members can also speak in a violent manner, making a child believe that violence is not a bad thing, but rather a good thing. If parents are expressing violence, why can’t the child? Therefore, I do not believe that you can explicitly blame video games for the increase in violence as there are many different aspects that can produce the increase in violence in todays society. I do not believe that the banning of video games is going to help to issue of violence in todays society so I disagree with them being permanently banned.