Parenting: Week 3 First Impression

My first thought about this topic is that parenting can be a blend and balance of many different styles, including the three mentioned. In my own experience both my parents held my siblings and I to higher standards with most things from academics to manners. My parents would push us when they believed there is room for improvement, such as if we got a bad grade or struggling in a class. In doing this was positive pressure unlike the pressure that would make us extremely stressful. This gave us qualities of hard work to get the better grade and not settle for something less.

I think the terms tiger mom, jellyfish dad, and helicopter parents are harsh labels and at most times too specific to an individual parent. Parenting is commonly a combined effort and decisions are made together to deal with situations. All the terms of parenting can come with consequences of the kids. A too strict or tiger parent can cause their child to rebel against them. While a parent that is too easy-going or a jellyfish can have their child never taking responsibility or putting in hard work. Being a helicopter parent seems too excessive to a kid and then they don’t want to let their parents into details of their lives. A question I have is does a helicopter parents resemble them trying to live vicariously through their child? They become so in-tune to their lives and then want to perfect it. Also, does parenting vary between children? Some say that parents are more strict on their first child then a second or third. I think the best parenting comes with understanding your child’s interests and strengths, then help and guide them for the most success.

Study Hard: Week 2 First Impression Blog

If I were to conduct a psychological study, my experiment would test the question “Does listening to music while studying allow a person to remember more of the material?”.My hypothesis is a significant difference will occur in how much information is remembered when listening to music while studying a subject. I believe there would be an increase of information able to be retained if one listens to music while studying. The brain would be able to connect what someone was studying while listening to a certain song or style of music.

For my procedure I would use ten participants; this would not include ten more people as the control who studies without music playing. All participants would be given the same material to study from for a small mini quiz on a particular subject. There would be allowed times to study over the course of a few days and the participants are able to listen to their music of choice. While the participants are taking the mini quiz, the same music or songs will be playing in order to see if it can jog their memories to remember the material. The participants would either be separated to not mix music or each individual listens to their music through headphones. These grades will then be compared to the control group who studied and took the quiz without music.

Gen psych Introduction

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, I grew up in a small town called Honesdale in Northeast PA. I’ve lived on a farm my entire life and we’ve raised cows, goats, and pigs at various times. I am involved in my County’s 4H program where I enter photography projects and show animals in the Wayne County Fair. Some of my favorite things to do are listen to music, play soccer, and travel.

I am very excited this being my first year at Elizabethtown College and playing for the women’s soccer team! I will be majoring in Biology with a minor in Anthropology. Being a first-year student my classes were chosen for me, but I still look forward to be in psychology as I find it very interesting. I do not have any background with this subject because I was unable to fit it in my schedule in high school. When I hear the word psychology the first thing that I think of is the study of the mind and how it works. Also, reactions of things to their surroundings.

The top three class topics I find most interesting would be Theories of Intelligence, Personality and Culture, and Classifying Mental Illness. I look forward to these topics because I want to learn what differences there are between people. Such as how they learn or their distinct traits. Truly, I don’t find any topics not interesting, I am excited to see what the class brings this semester. Something I want to learn by the end of this class would be to understand different reactions and emotions to certain situations or stimuli. Looking forward to this semester!