Week 3 First Impression

The topic of parenting and parenting styles is one that I find very interesting to talk about. I believe that I was raised differently than most of my friends and peers. My parents are very old school due to the fact that they also raised my older brothers who are 8 and 13 years older than me. We were all raised the same way for the most part but it was more difficult for my parents when they got to me. Since technology is a very prevalent thing in our society, my mom and dad had to adapt and try their best to stick to their normal plan for me. But they were hesitant and skeptical about many things and because of this I believe that I wasn’t given as much freedom as many of my friends. I had many restrictions and at the time I was very mad at them and thought that none of that was fair. Looking back on it though, I now see what they were trying to do for me.

But that doesn’t mean that I agree and would raise my own kids the same way. I think that having too many restrictions and rules will lead a child to be more secretive and rebel. A parent being more relaxed and giving their child more freedom would lead to a more trusting relationship between them. Of course the parent will have to be strict and put their foot down when the situation calls for it but they should trust their child to make the right decisions when they give them that freedom. I also think that parents should let their child think for themselves and accept them even if they don’t grow up with the same beliefs as them. As long as the child has morals and is a respectful young adult then the parent has been successful in raising them.


Gen Psych Introduction

My name is Bri Kain and I am currently a senior at Elizabethtown High School. I play on the school’s field hockey team as well as several club teams. I’ve gone to different places inside and outside of Pennsylvania to play and have realized how much I love traveling. As a result, I hope to study abroad when I’m in college. I plan on majoring in physical therapy and minoring in psychology. Outside of school I am usually a very quiet and reserved person but I love getting to know people. I hope that this class will help me step out of my shell and become more comfortable around new people.

I’ve been interested in psychology ever since I took the class that my school offers and I thought that doing dual-enrollment would be the perfect opportunity to learn more as well as get a head start on my college credits. When I think of “psychology” I think of the study of how each person’s mind works and the behaviors we each exhibit.

The three topics that look most interesting to me would have to be Classifying Mental Illnesses, Emotion, and Personality Theory. All three have to do with people as individuals and these topics vary depending on the person. I just find it interesting that we all are very different as far as how we all think and how we act. There are no topics in particular that I don’t look forward to as I find everything about psychology very interesting. But if I had to choose one it would probably have to be the brain on a micro level because I know there’s a lot of components that make up the brain and it’s very difficult to remember everything. Something I want to learn by the end of the semester would have to be how our brains comprehend and process strong emotions.