Week 6 First Impression Post

My current study habits have actually gotten much better compared to high school. In high school, I would not study very much considering I just found the information relatively easy and as long as I felt like I went to class everyday, I understood the information enough to do well on the exams. Now that I am in college, classes are not everyday, thus I need to put way more work and time into studying and preparing myself for exams. I feel like because I could procrastinate heavily in high school, due to the information coming easily, it has made it relatively a difficult transition for me in college having to now put way more effort into my study habits. In high school I would study maybe around 2-3 hours a week, now I feel like I should be studying 5 times that. It’s not that I am complaining about this necessarily, I actually believe it is a good thing, for it will make my college education more valuable and I’ll get more out of my education this way by putting much more effort in. What I do well on is actually getting my work done and preparing well enough for the exam, and just by saying “well enough” I know that I do not study enough. Thus, what I lack on is not putting enough time in as well as still putting assignments and studying off more than I should. Also, I believe a huge contributor to studying and preparing well for exams is getting enough sleep. Because I do not do my work a soon as I should, I have found myself staying up late many nights when I should be getting more sleep to help myself throughout the following day. Regarding the first exam for this class, I definitely could have studied more, though I feel like I studied way more than most of my other classes. Because I saw how difficult the exam was, I need to review more of the book for the upcoming exams and review daily. Specifically, I mainly studied my notes for the first exam, as well as the key terms in the book. Because I did not pay attention as closely as I should have to the important people, I got hit pretty hard on the exam for that regarding the matching. Thus, I should have paid closer attention to the people as well as the book in general. For the upcoming tests I will make sure to study daily instead of pushing it off, because there is a lot of information and waiting till the last minute does not help in the long run regarding retaining the information.

Psych Extra Credit: “Miguel”-Caleb C

“Miguel has been struggling with his coursework lately. He has felt very tired in recent weeks and has found it difficult to focus on his studies. Even though he is always tired, he has trouble falling asleep at night, is irritable during the day, and picks fights with his roommates. He is a bit of a perfectionist and gets mad at himself when he makes even tiny mistakes. It’s gotten to the point where he doubts his ability to do anything right.”

Psychodynamic Perspective-  When looking at Miguel’s situation from this point of view, you have to analyze both his unconscious and conscious drives and how they work with his underlying feelings and emotions. With this, it looks like Miguel has been stressing out tremendously and finds it difficult to focus on his studies because he isn’t getting enough sleep due to his unconscious need to be a perfectionist which is then impacting his social life and consequently causing him to pick fights. What Miguel needs to do in order to start getting better is primarily get enough sleep, which will then change his attitude throughout the day, and also get some therapy for his major perfectionist tendencies which then negatively impact his health throw stress and forcing low self esteem.

Behavioral Perspective- From this perspective, you can analyze Miguel’s problems through his psychological patterns and observable behavior, and how this behavior may be causing mental conditioning. From his observable behavior, he isn’t sleeping much, is irritable and is picking fights. This all seems to then stem from his behavioral tendencies to be a perfectionist. And because he continues to be hard on himself for not being perfect, he gets frustrated and doubts himself.


Humanistic Approach- From this perspective we need to look at Miguel’s behavior from the eyes of the observer and look at Miguel as a whole. Looking at the hierarchy of needs, Miguel is not satisfying his basic psychological need of sleep which is one of the major foundational components of a healthy person. This causes him to stress and plays into all components of his life, impacting his feeling of safety and self esteem, thus not being able to reach self actualization.

Cognitive Approach- Looking at Miguel’s mental processes, we can see that he processes information through a very narrow approach, and he only accepts perfection. Because he cannot actually obtain this, it little by little impacts his mental health to the point where he breaks and cannot operate functionally seen through his anger and poor grades.

Neuroscience- From an evolutionary perspective we see that Miguel is driven solely through competition. This is in everyone for the need to survive is essential, and competition is seen throughout all species rooted in the desire to be better and survive easier. Though, Miguel has centered this feeling of competition into his everyday life and applied it to becoming a perfectionist. 


Cultural- From this perspective, we can evaluate Miguel’s health based on how his behavioral tendencies are rooted in his culture. In a society and age where kids are constantly told they need to be the best to succeed and are constantly pressured to be the greatest in order to have self worth and contribute to society, this seems to have become rooted into Miguel and he has taken ahold of the idea to be the best and applied his whole life to it. Because he keeps letting himself down, he then thinks he cannot be the best and questions his role as a person. 

Introduction (Caleb Clements)

• Why you chose to take this class?

I chose this class as a requirement for my minor which is cognitive science which I believe goes well with my major in Biotechnology. I took AP Psych in high school and enjoyed the class very much, so I look forward to learning more about psychology this semester and am happy to take it for my minor.

• What background, if any, do you have in psychology?

I took AP Psych in high school and found the class very interesting and I personally believe it has had a major impact on the world of science and how researchers look at the human body and how the brain plays such a large role in our biology both physically and mentally.

• What do you think of when you hear the word “psychology”?

I think of science and how the brain works in relation to emotions, natural drives, and instincts.

• Look at the course schedule on the syllabus. Which three topics look the most interesting to you? Why? Which three topics look the least interesting to you? Why?

Moral Development, Conditioning, and Chemicals and Consciousness all catch my eye and seem quite interesting. I think that these seem fascinating because I have always pondered how morals impact the development of people and whether or not morals impact a child’s tendency to be a good or bad person. I remember learning about conditioning in high school and want to know more about it because it remember it being a key finding and pivot point in the study of psychology. And lastly, I can’t wait to learn about the chemicals and how they impact your mind considering I am a bio related major and hormones are highlighted frequently in my studies. The sleep section, stereotypes and discrimination, and attachment theory all to me seem not that interesting but I still look forward to learning more about those aspects of psychology.

• What question about psychology do you want to answer by the end of this class?

Whether addiction is a real thing or just something which people who struggle with certain tendencies latch on to as an excuse for their low self control.