I believe my study habits are decent at times. Usually, I do wait until a day or two before the test to start studying, but I feel like that keeps the info fresh in my mind. I do like to study hard for a good hour or so, then take a nice 15 minute break. I will repeat that usually the night before a test spanning from the hours of 4:00 PM until I feel comfortable with the material. I think it’s an efficient way to study for me, because I think it stimulates my brain in intervals. With that being said, I also would consider myself a procrastinator. I feel like I almost have to study like this, though. When I try to study for a test a week prior, I don’t feel pressured or motivated to study, and don’t take it seriously. I tend to just blow it off. Another thing I struggle with is when I take breaks in between studying, I’m very inconsistent. At times, my break will be 10-15 minutes like I want them to be, then other times my breaks will be 30-45 minutes. Overall, in terms of my ability to retain information, I’m about average.

This is not how I studied for the first psych test. I didn’t have any studying materials with me that weekend because I went home after the meet the Saturday before the test. When I came back, the Superbowl was on so I had to watch my Patriots. Then, shortly after the game I had to sit in disbelief, because the result of that game just should not have happened. Then I started studying  pretty late in the night. I seemed to be getting a decent amount of things correct on the practice test. I probably studied 2 or 3 hours that night, then went to bed because I had class at 9:30 the next morning. Then the next day I studied from probably 12:30 to 1:57 before class, writing down ways to distinguish the difference between psychologists. Next time, I am definitely starting earlier, I am planning on studying after I finish the spotlight. I need a 90 on the next test.

Violent Games

I for one grew up in a household that usually did not allow me to play these games. I only really played sports games for the most part, but sometimes with my dad’s approval I would get a wrestling game. I was never a violent child, in fact I would only act violent if I felt threatened. Also, my roommate loves the shooting games, he’ll play them all day long. I have never once envisioned him going out and actually killing people. Just because him and I weren’t negatively affected doesn’t mean other kids aren’t. I like to think most people take their anger out with video games, not store up rage via video games.

Personally, I don’t think violent video games should be banished. They probably can’t even be banished, that would be a pretty hard task considering most of the best selling games are violent. I think instead of banning these games, parents have to take a more active approach in their child’s video game lives. For instance, my dad would always play games with me when I was younger. A parent could use this to monitor how their child reacts to games. With better parental supervision, I think kids will be less likely to turn violent from playing games.


Psychodynamically, the unconscious part of his brain wants to succeed. He wants  everything to be perfect, and that has shaped his behavior over his life span. Most likely he has been repressing his feelings lately, but now he is just letting it loose on his roommates.

Behaviorally, he has learned to be a perfectionist over the past, and that’s now part of his behavior. Perfectionism is generally triggered by the constant success of some one. Once he started doing well, he became accustomed to it.

Humanistically, perfectionism can be viewed as a strength of  Miguel’s. At the same time viewing it this way, what ever his roommates did to make him pick a fight, they wrong for doing it.

Cognitively, he has been irritable and depressed, but that stems from the negativity of the world. Or you could say that it comes from the negativity from his roommates.

Biologically, he could have possibly gotten some of his traits from his genetics. Something like perfectionism is learned and developed. Or even anger issues could quite possibly have been passed on.

Culturally, his life has been formed around being successful and perfect. That’s how his life has been shaped around that culture, that could have possibly been developed by a parent or someone close.

Beer Goggles

For my first impression, I will be talking about the beer goggles experiment that was tested on MythBusters. Before I start, I would like to state the fact that I do believe that as people get more intoxicated they also find others more attractive. The same way that as people are more intoxicated it seems they are less likely to use critical thinking.

I felt as if this experiment was conducted well with few weaknesses.  First, they didn’t seem to conduct the experiment on many people. I feel like if you are going to conduct an experiment such as this one, you will need more participants. To go along with that, I felt the time limit for choosing should have been longer (if there even needs to be one at all) so that you weren’t rushed to choose. Also, the variety and number of people that they were rating should also go up, so that the experiment is conducted with a biopsychosocial approach. This way you view it on different levels of analysis. I thought that a full body view of the people should also be included. With a lot more people involved, you get more of a variety  when it comes to culture, and how some cultures view others. I’d say give the participants at least 50 people to rate each round, then make note of some of the people that they gave scores between 2-6. Then, some of those pictures get thrown back into the mix. Then conduct the experiment as they had from that point on, while paying more attention to those people that they rated multiple times.

I thought the experiment was overall fundamentally sound. In terms of psychology, it didn’t really seem to violate or meet my standards of how I thought it should go. To be fair, I feel as though it would be extremely hard to cover this experiment in terms of psychology with what we have learned so far. The amount of rounds that they conducted (sober, buzzed and drunk) seemed to be perfect. Other than the weaknesses, I think it was a thoroughly conducted experiment.


Hey my name is Curt, I have a basketball game tomorrow, I’m a point guard got shoe game. I’m a sophomore engineering major, I’m kinda hot. I didn’t know what to write so I started it like I started my tinder profile.

I chose this class because I need it to satisfy core, and I was thinking about a psychology minor, but I’m not sure anymore.

No background in psych.

It’s hard to explain, but I guess to cover what I think of as psychology is how a persons brain works.

Power of experiments, Stereotypes & Discrimination, and how to make memories all seem  like pretty cool to me because they are just things I want to learn. Moral development, group dynamics, and how to choose a therapist aren’t interesting at all to me.

How many different types of jobs can you get with knowing psychology?