First Impression Post Week 5

First Impression Post #2

I chose the first option for this week which was about different parenting styles. To provide some background, I grew up in a household with two loving parents and three older brothers. Growing up in my household, I was not raised by a tiger mom who only enforced strict rules, tough love, and discipline. On the contrary, my mother was tough but was sensitive to me when necessary. I also was not raised by a jellyfish dad; my father was compassionate but took discipline seriously. Today, I do not believe my parents are or were helicopter parents but some of my early journal entries would disagree. They were very invested in me, but overall, I think they were able to raise me to gain independence.

The purpose of these descriptions of my parents is because I think my parents were very effective in parenting my siblings and me. My childhood is evidence of what I believe to be the best way to parent. My parents made my brothers and me get up every weekend at eight in the morning. We then had about thirty minutes to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and go outside. My parents woke us up, so we could do yard work every weekend. Not only do I have a rather large yard to take care of, but my parents wanted to teach me and my siblings the value of hard work. I used to envy my friends who could sleep in and watch cartoons on Saturdays, but I know am thankful because I have the ability to work hard.

My parents also demanded respect from us. They made sure we were punished if we “talked back” to them. This was done so we would obey them and realize the world does not revolve around us. Although sometimes it was difficult to obey my parents because of my desire to rebel, they were always loving while being tough on me. I appreciate these parenting techniques which were used in my childhood. I was taught the value of hard work which will benefit me all my life. I was taught respect for authority which has humbled me and helped me in jobs I have had. I believe parents need to be loving but if they do not teach their kids hard work and respect at an early age, I think they will struggle as they get older.



My Background in Psychology

My name is Emily Spangler. I am a first year student and I am super excited for this class. I chose to take this class because I believe it would be helpful in my Occupational Therapy Major and also it will be beneficial if I decide to Minor in Psychology. I do not have an extensive background in Psychology but I enjoy reading about people’s thought processes and the human mind. When I think of Psychology, I think about how people think. The topics that I believe will interest me the most are how to get good sleep, coping with stress, and how to improve memory. These interest me because I suffer with sleeping well, handling stress, and also short-term memory loss. The topics I believe that will interest me the least are theories of intelligence and assessing intelligence. Simply because I believe people are all intelligent in different ways. I would like to understand why I feel tired after sleeping numerous hours in a night.

Adirondak Background