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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Not only do you bring new life into the world, but you are expected to raise them into their best selves. Once people learn that they are going to become parents, research begins. Some parents will scroll through the trendy parenting blogs, read parenting books, and/ or watch videos on the best ways to parent. Most parents want to raise the “perfect child” and be the best parents for their child. However there is no one solid answer to how to perfectly raise a child, some parents take parenting to the extremes. Some popular terms lately are helicopter parents, tiger parents, and jellyfish parents. Either they are watching their child’s every move, pushing their child, or leaving their child alone. When parents take on one of these parenting types, it can cause their child to have some issues later on in life. This may include lack of independence or teaches them how to not have much respect for rules.

Parenting is hard and there is no perfect way to raise a child since all the children are unique. However, the extremes that helicopter, tiger, and jellyfish parents go to are probably not going to raise a great child. I think there needs to be a healthy mix of involvement, rules, and independence in a child’s life. Parents should be involved in a child’s development because kids need guidance and a support system to establish growth inside and out. Parents are a child’s first teachers and help them learn right from wrong and how to grow into a great adult someday. In my mind, a parent should teach their child how to be a kid but also how to become more independent once they are a bit older. This does not mean let the child make every decision or else we might have children named Batman running around. Kids need their parents in order to become great people and to be respectful, kind, caring, and more. Children need a healthy mix of helicopter parenting, tiger parenting, and jellyfish parenting; in order to, help them develop.


--Original published at Kaylyn's PSY105 Blog

This is going to be a great year!

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Hello! My name is Kaylyn Gordon, and I am a sophomore student here at E-town. I am originally from Dover, PA where I live with my mother, sister, and 2 miniature Labradoodles names Sandy and Mowgli. I am a huge lover of animals, with goats as my favorite animal of all time. I took this course because not only is it a requirement for my major, but my sister graduated with a Psychology degree and learned a lot of interesting things in her courses. I do not have much background in Psychology other than having depression and anxiety myself. When I hear the word Psychology I think of how the brain works and how mental health affects our everyday lives. The three topics that interest me the most are on sleep, stress, and emotion. I suffer with insomnia and anything I can learn about good sleep is very appreciated. Also, like most students I stress over a lot of things and find it hard to relax and cope with the stress I feel. Lastly, emotions affect my everyday life and they are not always the best emotions to be carrying around all the time. The three topics I am least interested in are on Psychology then and now, group dynamics, and psychiatric medication. I am not a huge history person, even though I know it is important to learn, it just is not my favorite topic. Also, I am not a fan of doing things in a group so I am not too sure about group dynamics. Psychiatric Medication just seems so hard to comprehend since everybody is so different in how they react to medications. The overall question I hope to answer is just a basic form of what is going on inside of my mind. I hope everyone has an amazing semester and I can not wait to get to know you all!


Kaylyn Gordon