Chapter 14: First Impression

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For this post, I chose to do the first option because I wanted to understand the struggles people with schizophrenia go through. When starting this video I was sort of weary about it because I didn’t know what to expect. At first it didn’t see anything that much out of the normal because there were just small flashes of every day normal things such as brushing teeth and reading the news paper. Then the voices start and that is when things started to get weird. The voices were harsh to the person you were simulated to be. Them telling the person they were worthless, there was poison in the food or drinks, and how people were on to the person. It make me feel scared and worried for the person. It is also interesting to see that people like this can experience things that aren’t actually there like the headline of the newspaper changing and the coffee in the mug bubbling. In this film, the person them-self seems to be more calm than I expected. In the media, people with schizophrenia seemed to more frantic about trying to calm the voices and the things they see. More so it seems to me it depends on the person as to how they react to their schizophrenia acting up. The media does tend to do an okay job and being able to express the person with this problem having voices and seeing things that can’t be heard or seen by others.

Chapter 12: First Impression

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I chose option one and chose to do the mental health test and the featured task test. The first one I took was the mental health test. This test was interesting to go through because I though the test was going to be about a rate this on a scale test. However it was way different than I expected. The first part was a test to quickly hit E or I if it relates to self or other and calm or anxious. Words would pop up on the screen and there are five minutes to finish 6 rounds of hitting E or I. Because there were so many it had to be done fast. This is a problem for me because half the time my eyes registered the word but my brain didn’t register what the word is making me hit the wrong button even though I knew which one to hit.

The other problem I have with this test is was asking me if I am currently dealing with some mental issues like depression and anxiety. These can show different and everyone. For some people depression involves them working their but off to make others happy and for others it is wanting to lay around in bed all day ignoring the world. For me this part of the test is slightly ridiculous because I can be suffering from depression and not realize it because I am mistaking it for stress mixed with anxiety. This part should have been a survey that involves a few phrases and rating a scale as to how much that relates to me.

At the end of it all, the results were slightly surprising. The results tell someone if they seem more calm than anxious or vice versa. My results were shocking because it told me I am more of the way I haven’t been feeling lately. I do believe if I took it during the school year they results my have reversed because I am calmer during the summer and more stressed during the school year. I don’t think this test can necessarily be good for college students because I don’t believe the questions used to measure our mental health were good. If anything they seemed to be far from questions that can measure if my mental health is in good shape.

For the featured task test this was interesting for me because it asked a lot about my views of males being breadwinners and the females being stay at home moms. For me, an ideal situation is one of the parents being able to stay home with the kids for the first few years while the other works then both go back to work when they have the chance. However due to the way the economy is and how much trouble there is trying to have both parents be able to make enough for a comfortable living, the ideal situation is to have both parents work but have leeway to be able to spend as much time with the children as possible.

At first I didn’t mind because there were questions like if i agree or disagree. But then there were the E or I questions like there were in the mental heath one. I had problems with trying to chose those the write questions again. When looking at my result it said there are too many errors to get results. This disturbs me because that means most of the results are based on the part where I have to hit E or I fast. This is the part that messes me up because my brain doesn’t register everything as fast as my eyes do. I also don’t believe this is a good test either because it didn’t have good questions that can measure my opinions. I especially don’t think think it is a good test if it tells me it can’t give me results because I messed up the E or I questions too many times because my brain doesn’t register it as fast as it wants me to.

Chapter 13: First Impression

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When going through each test, it was interesting to see how I think about myself. The one I didn’t like to take was the color test. I don’t understand the purpose of the color test because how much can people understand about themselves from color? However the results for all of them were interesting. I got two different results from the tests that gave answers of ISFJ and ISTJ. It is interesting to see how I still test as introverted, sensing, and Judging but the feelings and thinking differed. I believe this is due to the nature of the questions. The questions on the two tests were worded differently which made me think about them differently than I probably normally would. After reading the results from the Big Five Personality and the Color Quiz, I am not entirely sure what to make of them. The big five personality results give very tiny descriptions and didn’t give me much room as to what I should think about myself based on them. The color quiz, as stated before, didn’t seem to have a purpose. As I was taking the quiz I didn’t feel indifferently about each color except for one and that’s because it was my favorite color. The results also feel like they don’t reflect me as a person either. For the most part they feel as though they are the opposite of who I am and they were slightly insult as to what the results had to say.

Spotlight Blog #2

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For this post, I chose to do option one on memory.

10 Study Methods for College-Bound Teens:

This article is an interesting read. As a college student myself, I found myself agreeing to a lot of the tips it the article provides. This article included ten tips; ask for help, study outside of class, use your peers, get organized, sleep, eliminate distractions, maintain health, track habits, stop procrastinating, and work on soft skills. All of these tips are highly important to follow. For the sleep and health, if someone isn’t maintain a good sleep schedule or isn’t in good health it can make the brain seem foggy and hard to focus because the body is going into a chemical imbalance and is trying to correct itself. During this time your brain is more focused on healing yourself rather than being able to store the information you are learning making it more difficult to remember later. Asking questions and using your peers is a good way to understand what you don’t know. When we are learning new things our brain goes through a process of encoding. If we learn something that seems confusing and we don’t ask questions, instead of encoding and storing the correct information for later use our mind will process the wrong information. If questions are asked to a teacher or a peer gives a better explanation, then we can correct the information being encoded before it is too late. Getting organized, not procrastinating, and eliminating distractions are important because they can help with recall, retrieval, and storage. Being organized with a planner is a good way to help keep track of what needs to be done because college has a lot of assignments and a planner is a good way to help someone recall what those assignments are and for what class. Stopping procrastination and eliminating distractions is extremely helpful because procrastination can hinder your brains ability to store the information. The longer you wait to study the less likely you will have time to process what you just learn causing problems to recall that information. Distractions can also affect the storage and recall in the same way because they just create their own form of procrastination by tearing your mind away from your current situation.

Top 10 High School Study Tips

The ten tips are: be engaged, stay up to date with homework, organize, have a routine, have objectives, have a study station, stay away from electronics if possible, manage stress, take advantage of technology. In all honesty, I feel this is a better article for college students than for high school students but it can work for high school students too. Being engaged and staying up is great because if you aren’t then your mind can learn the wrong information and not properly encode it. Plus, if you are confused it can be easier to ask the teacher questions. Being organized and having a routine is very important for any student. A routine and being organized is important because your mind can use chunking to encode the information you are learning rather than taking time out of your day and disrupting your memory process by having to recall what you need to do for the day. Staying away from electronics and taking advantage of technology seems to be redundant, but if you put your phone on silent and use your laptop to take notes or research the topics being learned then your brain will have less of a distraction making it easier to encode the new information for later.

10 Good Study Habits to Help Your Child Succeed in the New School Year

These ten study habits for parents to help their children are: get organized, know the expectations, develop a study plan, think positively, create a study group, practice active listening, review test-taking strategies, read actively, and look into the future. It is great for parents to help their children out because the more stress a student as then the harder can get for their brain to focus on processing the information and storing it because it is more focused on trying to come up with ways on how to fix the other situations. Developing a study plan is great because the student and the parent can come up with different ways that it makes it easier for the student to learn the new information. Getting organized and knowing the expectations are good to help keep the student on track of what they need to do rather than forcing them to remember it all themselves and delaying the process of them encoding and storing the new information. Practice active listening, review test-taking strategies, and read actively are all good because it falls under the testing effect. The testing effect is being able to retrieve information in different forms rather than memorizing it by rereading.

Chapter 9: First Impression

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When it comes to thinking about school, it is weird to believe I have been in school for about 15 years. Over the years, I have encountered many educators. Some left me with pleasant experiences and some left me with not so pleasant experiences. A couple left me with a love hate relationship, like a certain band director I know.

Up until I graduated, the public school system I went to for elementary, middle, and high school didn’t seem to have any thing wrong with the system itself. They gave every student the same treatment as whole. However, the individual teachers would treat students different. The best examples come from high school. There is a band director who has a tendency to show who his favorites are in front of other students whether he realized it or not. Luckily, he never tells a student he didn’t like them but he talks about them behind their backs to other students. Unprofessional? Absolutely, but he is also a great teacher in the sense he has developed different ways that has made even a person who was awful at playing an instrument could become one of the best musicians in class.

Since starting college, my view has changed. I feel as though its more than just the teachers now. Its the politics involved in running the school that has become an issue.  In the recent years, schools have become more concerned in raising money than with the quality education they are giving the students. Colleges in particular are notorious for this kind of behavior.

The business department is currently getting hit with a problem I believe to be an issue for ridiculous reasons. A marketing teacher retired this past semester which left us with only one marketing professor to handle all the marketing students for advising and classes. When it came time to discussing hiring someone to take over the empty marketing we were told there was no money to replace him. This to me seems like an ironic situation because I keep getting hit with more expenses. So if I have to pay more than I did last year in tuition and other expenses, where is all the money going if we can’t afford one new teacher? This is the problem I have with the college system.

The people, teachers and more, have done nothing other than treat the students like they truly care about their future, which is how they should treat the students. I have year to have a teacher treat me any way other than with the care of my future I deserve. Certain teachers, like my tax teacher, show it more than others, like a poetry teacher, but that happens. I don’t expect a poetry teacher to want to put in as much effort on an accounting major that they do an English major. Some students do have their own issues with certain teachers but it seems to be more of a personality clash than the teachers genuinely treating them bad.

The fact that the school can’t afford to give a department a new teacher they deserve while making the students pay more than ever before is an issue that needs to be fixed. Many students like myself believe the new gym is an excuse for the school to spend more money than it is bringing in. The school should be coming up with ideas to change the school then get the student’s input so they can spend the money in places that would benefit the students in places they want rather than where the school things the students will be benefited.

Chapter 11: First Impression

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Ironically, I felt the first prompt is the best one for me to do after one of the most stressful days of my life. Today is one of those days where everything that can go wrong did even thought it shouldn’t have happened in a million years. I messed up majorly at work. I should have gotten screamed at by my boss but I am extremely lucky she is a very understanding and can tell how annoyed at myself I am for what I did.

I am the kind of person who can cry over everything but also doesn’t. You may hear about people who will cry even at the simplest thing that make them happy like seeing a dog or how a simple mistake like writing 2017 instead of 2018 will make them burst into tears. I am luckily not that bad. I am less extreme than that. Do I still tear up over a test I bombed even though I know I am an awful test take even when the answers are right in front of me? Absolutely. Do I cry when I what two people I barely know get married? You would be wrong for saying no.

When I am stressed, the tears are a thousand times worse. It is my number one defense mechanism for stress. There have been times where I only wanted to scream and throw stuff, but that is very very rare for me. Its mostly just letting the waterworks flow from my eyes. I have gotten better at being able to handle it and try not to let the tears flow by doing slow breathing and trying to think of songs that make me happy, funny stories, or other happy things that put me in my happy place. Even though crying it our usually helps the most it can be pretty embarrassing which makes me more stressed so I try to stick to the happy thoughts and the breathing the most. If it happens to be school work stressing me out, I will set it aside and work on other school work or do a stress free activity until my mind is clear of the work stressing me out. Then I would return to it.

Even though I feel my stress management works pretty well I do believe I can do better. The number one thing I have problems with is remembering not everything is the end of  the world. If I get a C or D in a class not related to my major its not the biggest deal because that class has no affect on my future employment (or it shouldn’t). If I accidentally closed a word document without saving it, I know plenty of people who can recover it for me, so I just need to remind myself that it can be handled and it isn’t the end of the world so I remain calm and not have a mental breakdown. As long as I remember things can be worse than the situation I am in and do my breathing techniques I should be good to handle my stressful situations.

Chapter 10: First Impression

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I feel as thought my ability to read facial expressions is way better than my ability to read a tone in voice. I thought I would get only one or two wrong during the test. The test results actually showed I can identify 15 of the 20 faces. This isn’t as good as I thought I was going to do but I was surprised at the end the results were that high. There were a few times I had gotten the contempt, happiness, and love mixed up. I had also gotten confused about the anger or pain faces mixed up because they were so similar. I was able to find the surprised and excited faces easier to tell apart because they were a little more exaggerated than the simpler emotions. I would definitely try and use this in everyday life to know how to understand a person is feeling. By having a sense of how a person feels I can turn a conversation one way so the other person wouldn’t get hurt or mad.

Chapter 3: First Impression

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For this post I opted to do option four. I chose this one because I have recently noticed the older I get the more different my sleep habits are and they are not changing for the better. I honestly don’t believe my sleep habits are good but they aren’t the worst either. I have grown to be an extremely light sleeper. It is so bad, my cat’s tiny bell on his collar can wake me up through the noise of 2 fans, the air conditioner, and the door being shut and locked, will wake me up. It is getting to the point where I have to put ear plugs in when I am home because the sound of my dad getting ready in the bathroom on the other side of my bedroom wall will keep me awake until he leaves for work. This curse has caused me to lose quite a few hours of sleep at school because of my roommates having coughing fits or because of other students having the t.v. too loud below us. Also, I have problems sleeping when there is light in the room so I have to use black out currents or use one of my many pillows over my face to block out the light. If there is noise and light mixed together I cannot fall asleep. On the other hand, I know if I have less than seven or eight hours of sleep I cannot function throughout the day. This is what is good about my sleeping habits because I will always go to bed when I know I will get the sufficient amount of sleep I need.

I don’t think it is health for students to not be able to sleep through noise or light. It is definitely healthy for students to get no less than 7 hours of sleep because any less than that their body would not be able to recharge correctly. A student should also be able to sleep through some noise, not an amount where the neighbors are blasting music, but enough that the sound of their roommate rolling over in bed doesn’t wake them up. The should also be able to sleep with some light, light the hall light shinning through the door, but not the overhead light shinning directly upon them. Someone with those sleeping habits would have better success with no sleep deprivation than someone with habits like me.

Spotlight #1

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For my spotlight post I chose to do option #1, how divorce affects children. Going into the research I believed that divorce affects children in a bad way. However, after doing some reading on the articles I have found, I am beginning to believe divorce may be more beneficial for the children than bad. Out of the four articles I have found, only one gives solid argument how divorce is bad for children, one article discusses how there are bad outcomes for the children but how they don’t last long or turn into the good, while the other two give all benefits the children get after going though divorce.

“The Impact of Divorce on Young Children and Adolescents”

This article is the best article to give a negative review on the affect of divorce on children. Throughout the article, the author discusses the impact on children at two different stages of life: childhood and adolescence. Children who deal with divorce during childhood and adolescence have very different reactions. When a child has parents who divorce while they are a still going through childhood they can continuously fantasize their parents getting back together which can make their emotions unstable, especially when parents try to do joint family events because that will increase their hope of the family being reunited but the fact they have to travel between parents rocks that hope making them angry. During the childhood stage, children are dependent on their parents but when the parents are divorced their trust in their parents shakes making them have a tendency to lose that dependence. During the adolescence stage the child has a tendency to become more aggressive towards their parents. This makes them become more independent so they don’t have to rely on the parents because they now see their parents as failing to be able to keep commitments to the family. The adolescents are also aggressive towards their parents because they want to get back at their parents for tearing the family apart.

“Divorce Doesn’t Harm Children-Parent’s Fighting Harm Children”

This article is the most interesting of them all. In this article the authors say divorce itself doesn’t affect children. The parent’s attitude surrounding divorce is what affects children.  When parent’s fight, there is a relief in the child when the parents get divorce. The more the parents fight the more the child will get angry and resent them being together but when those parents divorce the child is relieved they don’t have to deal with the fighting. On the other hand, children who have parents that rarely or never fights in front of them can cause them to resent their parents for blindsiding them or for tearing the family apart. The affects the child have from divorce do not stem from divorce itself but rather the way the parents act in front the children leading up to the divorce making divorce not harmful to the children.

These two articles are reliable because they’re from Psychology Today. Psychology Today is a credible source due to it has articles and blogs written by psychologists themselves rather than people without a psychology background. For the second article, they refer back to “The Truth About Children and Divorce”, which was written by Dr. Robert Emery who is also a credible source because he is a psychology professor. The first article based their information from a novel the author, a psychologist from Texas wrote.

“Is Divorce Bad for Children?”

This article is one that gives both good and bad thoughts about how divorce affects children. In this article the author discusses how most of the bad affects people talk about are usually only short-term and is rarely a long-term outcome. A psychologist at the University of Virginia found that children have anxiety, anger, and disbelief as short-term negative affects which typically disappear by the second year. A study in the article showed children from divorced parents show little to no differences than children from intact families. This article shows more how children from divorced parents who fought a lot adjusted better to the divorce than those who’s parents rarely fought in front of them. This article mainly emphasized there are some negative outcomes but are short and the children are mostly affected by how much their parents fought.

This article is credible because it is from the Scientific American which is a website, similar to a newspaper, that is dedicated to having scientific articles weather about actual science or psychological science. This article uses many facts from studies done by other psychologists as evidence in the article.

“Divorce and Kids: 5 ways Divorce Benefits Kids”

This article not only lists five reasons why divorce helps the kids but they also discuss why those reasons help. The reasons are individually different but they all revolve around how the attitude of the parents and the fighting between the parents affects the children. The happier the parents are going through the divorce the better the children are going though it. This article mainly shows how the children are the product of the environment their parents create for them.

This is a credible source because it is written by someone who works for the Huffington Post which is a news paper similar to the New York Times. The article itself is credible because it is written by a doctor who studies the topic of divorce on children.

Ch 8: First Impression Post

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My study habits are usually a little different. When I study, it is different based on which class I am studying for. I will use index cards for classes I have to memorize definitions or dates like a history class. For classes that have open note and book tests, I will spend time sticking post-it notes on pages I know I will need as well as reading over the material once or twice. Adapting my study habits to what the class requires of me to know for the test is one thing I tend to do well. The one thing I do that needs improvement is having noise when I study. I grew up in a house where quiet is nonexistent unless its nighttime and everyone is asleep but even then the cats bell on his collar jingles as he wanders around stiring up trouble. Because of this, I tend to listen to music or have a show I’ve seen a thousand times run on Netflix in the background because it is comforting. To fix the needing of noise so I don’t have Netflix playing, I should start to listen to classical music at a low volume when I study or to get myself used to silence because certain noises can be distracting now matter how often I have heard it.

When it came to studying for the first test I read the chapters and made my own notes on them. Then I listened to the lectures and wrote notes on them too. A day or two before the test I was reading over all my notes at work and home to make sure I understood everything. For the second test, I’m going to make a few changes. I am using the study guides to highlight the topics I need to keep in mind. I also am utilizing the lecture slides to make my notes on there rather than handwriting it all because handwriting everything is time consuming. I will continue to write my own notes with the reading as well as highlight the definitions I need to know.