Parenting Styles

--Original published at Marlee's Psych 105 Blog

We all know that raising a child is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I’m not saying its rocket science, but shaping a person into who they’re going to be is no easy task. There are many approaches into how to raise your children; some heard of more than others, but yet all effective to some extent. In my opinion, believe that one of the biggest mistakes people can make when parenting is either being too strict or not strict enough. When parenting people need to find a balance that works for both the child and the parents. For example, Tiger Parenting; this is a type of parenting where all control is in the hands of the parent. It is a very authoritarian approach with little good outcome. Children raised in this style can result in becoming diminished and only motivated by external sources. One the other side of the spectrum there are whats called jellyfish parents. In this type of parenting the power is held in the hand of the child. This is where we see children making demands and parents bending over-backward to satisfy their children needs. Now making your child happy isn’t a bad thing but when it comes questionable choices the child is making their needs to be some sort of parental figure telling them right from wrong. I believe that the best kind of parenting is one that is in balance between strict and relaxed. A child needs to have boundaries and be told no from time to time so that they know the real world won’t be given to them on a silver platter. A child also needs to be given the space ti figure out their interests and develop personality without the influence and push of parental figures. Ultimately, the job of a parent is raise their children to think and act independently but, while also making smart beneficial decisions for themselves and others.