Spotlightblog 2

There are many different ways that people and young adults can deal with stress. Some times people do things such as take drugs, go on walks, and other daily activities that help keep their mind of stress. Something very interesting that I learned about stress and good ways to handle it is too stay busy. Lots of times when people are stressed about something and keep thinking about their problem they think about it most when they are not busy like at night time. During the day however there is so much activity going on and it distracts us from our problems. It is very important to try to stay stress free because there are so many things that can go wrong with your health if you are stressed all the time. For example, people who are stressed all the time or think about it constantly have very high blood pressure. Much higher than someone who has very minimal stress or can control it very well. There are certain types of stress that are good for people such as an athlete having stress or a student with an test the next day. This type of  stress is good for people because it gives them something to work for and something to think about.

Week 7 impression post option 2

I definitely agree that young students and children are not getting enough sleep and it is slowly but surly affecting their health and their daily life.  As a young adult, your supposed to get about 9 to 10 hours of sleep every night. But for most people including myself, that is not accomplished. Many hobbies and activities now days get in the way of sleep such as, cellphones, studying for an exam, or maybe you just have so much anxiety that you can’t fall asleep. One thing that I didn’t know that I found very interesting while listening in class is that your not supposed to lay in your bed unless you actually want to sleep or need to sleep. Hearing this was a game changer for me because I’m constantly in my bed because I live in a dorm room. There’s not very many options for me to choose besides my uncomfortable wooden chair. But after hearing that I’m not making efforts to not lie in my bed, or not sit near the end where the pillows are. I now study and do my work at the very end so my brain doesn’t think that it’s nap time. I have a very hard time allowing myself to fall asleep at night because of the amount of food I eat during the day and how late I wake up on the weekends. I hardly eat at all during the day partly because of my medication but partly because my body is so used to eating food at night. This is one of the main reasons why I’m up so late. But I now am trying to make efforts to go to bed on time and eat meals at a normal time throughout my day. So far this week was the most interesting to me because it helped me learn how to sleep better and things that I can do to improve my sleep habits in the future. And if there was anything that I would recommend to a student or a high school student, it would be too try to go to sleep before 11 P.M. at night.

Spotlight Blog Studying and memory

When you are growing up as a child in Middle school or High school, it is very important that you learn and develop good study habits over the years.  Parents play a very big roll in this because they provide the material, and the studying space where you study your material. They provide the environment and the home that you live in and that plays a big roll because if you have noisy parents or parents that are always arguing its probably hard to learn the material. Some things that parents can do to help their children study is make a routine for meals and for study time. It is good to do this because then the child has a habit for studying his school work right after he eats a meal. And this is the best time to study because your you not thinking about eating just studying. In addition parents need to provide a special place for the kids to study. Sometimes studying in your room is not the most effective way to learn the material. When kids are in their room sometimes they get distracted or feel like they can slack off because no one is watching them. Personally when I’m studying in my room I don’t get anything done because I’m always on my phone or watching tv. This is why when I study, I turn off the tv and I put my phone face down so its not a distraction. Your friends can wait but studying for a test that you have tomorrow cannot wait. Also, another good think that parents can do to help their children study is offer to review the material with them periodically. Do this so that they don’t feel pressured and feel like they have to know all the information perfectly the first time you quiz them.

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Impression post week 6

Should Marijuana be legalized or not ? Many people in the United states and around the world love Marijuana and love the effects that it gives you. In fact there are some places in the united states and around the world that it is legal to smoke and buy marijuana like places in Amsterdam, or California where weed is decriminalized and almost legal. People say that in 10 years from now Marijuana will be legal every where. But will it be ? There will always be problems with marijuana no matter what. For example driving high. People do this and participate in this all the time. Is it dangerous ? well it does slow down your reaction time a little bit but yes it is not good too drive under the influence of Marijuana because it is illegal. And it will always be illegal because it is not safe for other drivers on the road. Yes marijuana can help people who actually “need” it, but people are trying to get medical cards all over the place who don’t actually need it for Medical use they just like to get high. I think that it will be a major problem if weed is Legal everywhere because there will be more car accidents and more people will be in danger of others that are under the influence. I think that Marijuana is an amazing plant and i have nothing against it, but if it becomes legal all hell will break loose. I think the idea of having it decriminalized is a good idea because people get in trouble and have to pay huge fines for having buds of an actual plant on them. In my opinion i think that is very ridiculous. I think that weed should stay illegal but decriminalized in more areas around the world and in the United States.

Impression post week 5

Throughout the years of me trying to study for an exam, the best ways that I learned to study is to make little songs that go along with what I am trying to learn. Or for an example, if I’m trying to learn like the parts of a cell for science, I might make a song about the different parts of it. So when it comes time to take the actual test I just sing that song when the question that I studied for appears. In addition I have never been someone too study throughout the week, or prepare for the test. I always procrastinate and wait till the last minute. This is one of the main reason why test taking is not one of my strengths in school. Also another way that I study is I make rhymes with the info  that I’m learning. Doing this make it stick in ur head and so that you don’t forget the info when you wake up. In addition to this study method, I also review my notes 30 minutes before I go to bed. The reason that I do this is so that the information that I just studied can run through my brain when I’m asleep. And the day that I have a test, as soon as I wake, up I look at the notes and see how much I actually remembered and quiz my self. As you can see there are many different study methods, many that I did not mention. But everyone has their own special study habit that works best for them.

Impression post week 4

The video that I chose to watch for this impression post was how we read each others minds by Rebecca Saxe. The reason why I chose to watch this video over the others is because I’m always curious what other people are thinking about me, or if they can read my mind. Also I find this topic very interesting because I try to read other peoples minds as well. When I’m in public I look around and observe people and their facial expressions. If they have a smile on their face I assume that they are happy or just received good news. Or if I look at someone with an angry face or a frown I assume that they just bad news or failed a test or something. But is that what they’re really thinking ? This talk basically was about regions of the brain and why people think about thoughts and when they develop these skills in their lifetime. In addition this video talked about regions of the brain that allow us as people to read some ones mind or at least try too. The part that I found most interesting about this talk was that there’s actually a small part in your brain that allows people to read someone’s mind called the RTPJ. This region is located above and behind your right year inside your brain. Children begin to develop this region from ages 5 to 3 and start too realize that other people have false beliefs and don’t think the same way that they think. Overall I thought the speaker that I watched was very trust worthy because of one main reason. She showed an example of a kid and it made a lot of sense and was actually very interesting the way that children think. It shows that both the cognitive system, the mind, and the brain itself is slowly getting smarter as the child gets older. If I were to conduct my own experiment, I would get a group of children about 10 kids that are all age 5. I would get them all in the same room and show them a video that is very simple and easy to understand but in the video it would show a cartoon about 5 minutes long and the cartoon would be about a kid riding a bike and he fell off and got injured. I would then stop the video and ask the children what they would do if they saw this in real life. This would give me a good understanding of how kids feel and how much sympathy they feel for the person that got injured.

Impression Post week 3

There are many different ways that parents can raise their children. Some parent’s believe in a very disciplined home, while other families let their kids do as they please and allow them to have more free time. I think the past reflects on how hard the parents are on their children. If the parents grew up in a home where their parents were tough and hard on them, their likely to do the same to their kids. In addition, many families have different religions and that has a very big deal with what the children in the family are allowed to do and not allowed to do. In my opinion I think that the worst form of parenting is helicopter parenting. I think that if you pay too much attention to what their doing and are always up in their business, it causes stress to them and it makes them fell uncomfortable and constantly worried. My friend Andrew’s parents are like this, and I almost feel bad for him because he’s always on edge and can never feel at peace. For example, if we ever go out he’s constantly looking at his phone to check the time and not living in the moment. If I were a parent I would let my kid have free time and space but I would correct him if he ever did anything wrong. I would be hard on him but also let him know that I still love him no matter what. Sometimes parents are so hard on their kids, the kids them self start to question if their parents even like them. And that’s when the kids or teenagers make bad decisions and want to rebel. However this is just my own opinion on parenting.

Impression post #1

This being my first impression post, I’m not quit sure what to write about. Being in the first few classes of psychology has taught me a little more than what I already know. One of the most important things that I learned so far is how important cognitive psychology is. It focuses on all of the major important things that go on within the human mind. Such as how people process information, develop language, and solve problems by thinking it out in their mind. All of these things are involved in our lives every day, but not everyone thinks the same or has the same biological perspective. Why are some people more moody than others ? or why do some people get very mad and angry at small things, but others don’t seem to mind. Everyone has different behavioral genetics. But one of the big questions I have is are behavioral genetics actually inherited ? or are they the reflections of our parents and growing up watching them our whole lives. These are questions that I ask when I look or talk to some one who is angry or has mood issues or is just rude in general. One of the first things that I think of is what kind of parents or siblings does this person have ? If they are very personable and friendly I assume they come from a good family with parents that are caring. On the other hand, If I talk to someone or run into someone that is rude or not very polite, I automatically assume that they come from a family where they were neglected, their parents split up, had a bad childhood, etc. That is my opinion on behavior issues and why people are more angry then others.

Miguel’s Problems extra credit

What Miguel is going through is something that is very common among high school students and other college students across the country and world wide. What I think is going on with Miguel in this situation is that the lack of sleep he’s getting, is affecting his mood and his ability to fall asleep at night. It would make sense that after a while of getting no sleep one could go too bed without any problems, but night after night of getting no sleep can make people feel very anxious and get angry at small things that have no meaning. I can relate to Miguel because this has happened to me. Coming from a psychodynamic perspective I think that Miguel’s mind is telling him what to do rather than himself telling him what to do. I think that Miguel lacks self confidence because he is always trying to perfect everything. What many people don’t realize is that the majority of the population lacks self confidence. From a behavioral stand point I would tell Miguel to maybe try talking to someone. Everyone has a different mental process but from a cognitive perspective I think in order to solve Miguel’s problems, I think he should maybe try talking to a counselor or someone who is struggling with the same issues.

Introduction post

Hello everyone ! my name is Simon Tague and this will be my second year attending Elizabethtown College. My current major is Communications but I might switch too business next semester, so technically I am undecided. I’m from a small town in Delaware called Newark. The city of Newark is know for the University of Delaware and all of the busy students walking from class to class. Many local residents where I live do not like the UD students but I don’t mind them. One of the main reasons why I decided to take intro to psych is because I want to learn more about myself and my brain. There are many things that I am curious about such as  anxiety, addiction, depression etc. Some of these things I struggle with my self. I understand that there are therapy sessions that people can attend to try to help with their problems or issues but in my opinion the best way to fix it is by looking into yourself and trying to figure out what the problem is. I have been to multiple therapy sessions to try and help me but every time I go to a therapy session I feel like I can’t open up to them and be honest. It just feels weird telling someone your deepest problems and secrets too someone that you just met. I understand that for some people therapy is a miracle and has helped many people get through tough and difficult situations. But I think there is another way that people can deal with theses problems. I am very exited about this course and exited too see what I can learn about myself.