Introduction to Psychology Class

Hi, I am Anneka Bell, a freshman music therapy major, and I am excited to be taking General Psychology this semester! This class is a requirement for my major; however, I have always been interested in Psychology. Our brain and mind has always fascinated me. As a music therapist, psychology is applicable to our work with clients to help understand their mentality and behaviors and to treating their needs. I have not taken a previous Psychology class prior to PSY105. I wanted to take a class when I was in high school, but unfortunately my schedule was already full.

“Psychology” makes me think of the brain and mind and the reasoning behind certain thoughts and behaviors. I also associate mental disorders, personality, Maslow, and Freud.

Several topics of this semester that look interesting to me are How to Improve Memory, How to get Good Sleep, and How to Make Memories. I sometimes tend to be on the more forgetful side when remembering to do something. I make myself write down what I want to remember on the spot in fear of forgetting. I think it would be helpful to improve my memory not only help remember to do the little things, but to improve memory for studying. I am thankful for the many memories I remember throughout my life and I am interested in how to the brain creates memories and how to possibly improve the quality and retention of memories. Sleep is another topic of improvement in my life. I am a night owl, and I find it difficult at times for me to fall asleep (I can toss and turn for over an hour). Being in a busy major fills my schedule and cuts my sleep, and learning to fall asleep quicker and sleeping more restful would be beneficial now and later in life.

Several topics of this semester that do not look as interesting are Scientific Method, What is “Addiction”?, and Power of Experiments. These topics are familiar to me whether from previous science or health courses, and would be redundant.

Some information about me in a classroom is that I work well both individually and in in groups, and that I work best in quiet areas with minimal distractions.

Finally, questions I have are: are previous memories that one can no longer remember stored somewhere in the brain, and are there ways of retrieving these memories?


Hi, my name is Melissa and I am an OT major! I decided to take psychology because it is required for my major, but I also find it very interesting. In high school I took an introductory psychology course and really enjoyed it. To me, the word psychology means the study of the functions of the human mind and how it effects behavior and emotions. I look forward to exploring and learning about mental illness, memory, and stress. These topics are appealing to me because mental illness and memory loss disorders run in my family, and gaining skills to cope with stress is always great to learn, especially as a college student. The topics that look the least interesting are attachment therapy, personality theory, and theories of intelligence, probably because I am unfamiliar with them. However, I am eager to learn about all of the topics in this course. The questions I would like to answer by the end of the course are what causes mental illness, and how are the different types classified?

Introduction Post

Hello! My name is Sarah Peppe, and I am a first year Music BA student. I am taking this psychology class to fulfill the Social Sciences core, but also because I have always been interested in psychology and did not get to take the class in high school. I do not have much background in psychology, but I have always wanted to take this class since the beginning of high school. When I hear the word “psychology”, I think of the mind and how it works. I relate the term “psychology” mainly with mental health and how they affect the body and mind. Three topics that look the most interesting to me are Stress, Motivation, and Mood Disorder and Anxiety. I believe that these are related to my life the most, and I am hoping to be able to take what I learn in those topic discussions and relate them back to my own life to be more present and aware  Three topics that look the least interesting to me are What is “Addiction”?, Scientific Method, and Mechanics of Sleep. I have learned the Scientific Method for many years, so I believe that I already have the knowledge of that topic. I have also learned about addiction and sleep in prior health classes, so I also feel that I know a lot about those topics. I am very excited to learn all of the information this class has to offer, but one question I would like to answer by the end of the class is: How does mental illness affect the brain specifically, and how does someone get diagnosed with a mental illness (is it hereditary, etc.)?

Introduction to Psych105

Hello! My name is Jessie Rubelmann. I chose to take this class because I am a Biology Pre-Med major. Going on to medical school requires students to take the MCAT exam and since a large portion of this test has to do with psychology, taking this class is very important. During my junior year of high school, I took a psychology class. Since I enjoyed this class very much, I am looking forward to taking psychology at E-town. When I hear the work ‘psychology’, the first things that come into my mind are closely related to the brain. Its structure, processes, and the different ways in which your surroundings affect the brain, and thus, your behavior. The three topics that I am most looking forward to are ‘Moral Development’, ‘How to make Memories’, and ‘Theories of Intelligence’. I find Moral Development very interesting in how it can be looked at in a historical context. Information about how people develop morally can add a lot to looking at the causes behind wars and other conflicts. Learning about how memories are made is also an intriguing topic for me. I am excited to see how different chemical processes in the brain can allow us to store memories from previous experiences. Looking into the different theories of intelligence is something that I look forward to simply because I do not feel that I know very much about it. I want to understand the different ideas that have been proposed about intelligence and I hope that there is some kind of genetic aspect to this topic. The three topic that are of the least interest to me are ‘Scientific Method’, ‘What is Addiction?’, and ‘Stress’. The scientific method is not at the top of my list because I feel that throughout my education I have learned about it numerous times and I feel that I have a decently firm grasp on the concept. ‘What is Addiction?’ and ‘Stress’ are low on my list for the same reason. Last semester, I took Dr. Hagan’s Science of Addiction FYS. Since we went into great detail on the nature of addiction, I am not excited to look into it again. Also, my term paper for this class was based on stress, so I feel that I have gone to great lengths with these topics already. In terms of what question about psychology that I want to be answered by the end of this class: How to brain processes allow memories to be created and stored?

First Impression Post, #1

My name is Katie Hoff and I am a freshman Music Therapy major/Psych minor at Elizabethtown College. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania with my dad, mom, 3 sisters, and 2 dogs. I am very excited to be enrolled in this course this semester out of pure naivety and curiosity about learning more about what the field of psychology entails. I am eager to get to know more people who are interested in similar things and I am hopeful that going in with an open mind will lead to knew and amazing learning opportunities.

Why you chose to take this class? (It is okay to be honest) – A huge part of being in the Music Therapy department at Elizabethtown is being well versed in areas including music, psychology, science, and language. In addition to general psychology, we are required to take abnormal psychology in order to actively apply aspects of psychology into our musical practice. With these two classes under my belt by the end of Sophomore year, I will have time to take 1 additional psych class in order to fulfill the requirements for a psychology minor which could potentially make me more marketable and fierce in the eyes if future employers

What background, if any, do you have in psychology? – Besides prior interest in shows like NCIS and Making a Murderer, I had the opportunity to take a psychology class in high school. I have always been interested in several different aspects of psychology.

What do you think of when you hear the word “psychology”? – The study of the brain and how it works for different people in different ways. In layman’s terms, “We are going to be learning about the human brain and how it does things and why it does the things that does!”

Look at the course schedule on the syllabus. Which three topics look the most interesting to you? Why? Which three topics look the least interesting to you? Why? – I am most interested in learning about The Brain: Micro/Macro level. I am really interested in the scientific and anatomical side of psychology. Being able to actually see how and why something works within the human body is absolutely incredible to me. I think I am least interested in Classical/Operant Conditioning because from prior knowledge, I know there are quite a few people and terminologies to remember within this chapter.

What question about psychology do you want to answer by the end of this class? – How can one reverse/lighten the effects of mental health disorders for other people using psychology/psychological aspects?


My name is Amanda Maher (pronounced like the liberal tv host, Bill “Maher” and there is no relation. Thankfully.). I’m a 27 year old Army Veteran who never really liked school or even thought about going to college until now. I’ve met a few people in my lifetime that has recommended taking at least one psychology course because you learn a lot about yourself and not just others.   I will be attempting to major in social work but even with that in mind, I am quite unsure with what exactly I want to do in life. Besides doing college for the first time in my entire life, I am a very active person doing CrossFit about two hours 5 to 6 days a week. I am currently signed up in the CrossFit Open. If I didn’t have exercise in my life, my mind would probably go insane!

Why did you choose to take this class? 

Why I choose to study psychology may be out of the ordinary for some or maybe this is common. I’ve always had a sustained curiosity of the minds of the so-called negative influencers of history.  Such as Hitler, Stalin, Fidel Castro and those today such as Valdmir Putin to the “ordinary” Casey Anthony. People that even come from almost all normal backgrounds, what exactly creates the insanity? What and why would they be such a legacy today? The urges, the greed, and the lack of empathy. It is very interesting but very scary as well. I’m hoping the class sheds light on how this sort of mind set is created.

What background if any, do you have in psychology?

The only backgrounds I would claim to have related psychology is my past and present with being treated by psychologists, therapists, and other doctors relating to my mental health.

What do you think of when you hear the word “psychology”?

When I was younger I used to look at the word psychology as something negative. I always pictured in my head of those old and scary insane asylum‘s such as PennHurst  and their constant abuse of patients.  Now that I’m older and possibly wiser I know a bit better now due to being a patient to those type of people. I definitely have a lot more respect for my mental health providers, sometimes. But I do realize there is still a ton of common misconceptions the word alone has.

 Look at the course schedule on the syllabus. Which three topics look the most interesting to you? Which three topics look the least interesting to you? 

Mental illness, Personality and Stress are the three topics that I am very interested in. Being a veteran who has dealt with various traumas during service and still trying to deal with depression and anxiety and other mental health issues, I would love to learn more about ways to cope and maybe seek out why my brain responds to certain situations that are different to someone who doesn’t have any disorder.

Experiments/medications, Brain, Intelligence seem to be to be the least interesting.  I have a negative outlook on doctors and medication. Sometimes just learning about medications that can genuinely help people and seeing them not be used due to doctors refusing to prescribe them to those that need it but somehow the ones that abuse it still get that medicine. And due to the current opioid addiction, I feel like medication addiction will be in this topic which would make blood boil! Learning about your brain and intelligence are about the same for me, it honestly reminds me of science and the lack of practical thinking. Intelligence vs common sense would probably be interesting.

What question do you want to answer by the end of the class?

Besides the general, “is psychology for me?”, one question I’d like to have answered is “do I have a better understanding of myself and can I change it?”

Introduction for my psychology course

Hi, my name is Maxwell Billante. I prefer to be called Max. I am looking forward to this psychology course. I have never taken a psychology course before. I chose to take this course here at Elizabethtown College because it fulfills the social studies core requirement. I never really had an interest in any social studies course I had taken in my high school career and wanted to try something different. I have heard some things about psychology which I think is interesting, so I decided to take this psychology course. I had never taken psychology before, but I have heard that it is the study of individual behavior. I have taken a sociology course in my high school career which it the study of group behavior. The teacher I had for this course told me about how how sociology is different from psychology in these terms, so when I think of psychology, I think of looking at reasons why individuals do what they do. Of the topics listed on the course syllabus, the three topics that sound most interesting to me are Why do We Forget, Copping with Stress, and Mechanics of Sleep. The topic, Why do We Forget, sounds interesting to me because I usually do not forget things, although it happens from time to time. I am interested in finding out what psychically happens in the brain when I forget something. I am also interested in the topic, Copping with Stress, because I know that I will have to do this many times throughout college and later in life as well. I am always open to learn about how stress occurs and how to cop with it. Finally, I am interested in learning about mechanics of sleep as this is also something I should know for college. I understand that a lack of sleep decreases a person’s academic performance, but I look forward to looking even deeper in how this works. The topics, Psychology Then & Now, Why Research Design Matters, and Power of Experiments sound least interesting to me. The topic, Psychology Then & Now, probably implies looking into the history of psychology. As I mentioned earlier, I have never had an interest in any social studies course I had taken. The majority of these courses dealt with history, which is not what I am interested in. The topic, Why Research Design matters, probably implies talking about research papers. I am able to write a research paper well, but it is not something I normally enjoy the most. The topic, Power of Experiments, sounds like it talks about why psychologist use experiments. I have taken science courses before and have heard over and over why scientists use experiments. So the material in this topic probably will not be new to me. One question about psychology that I have right now, that I hoped to be answered by the end of the course is; What exactly do psychologists look at when they study behavior? Do they look at past reasons for behaviors or do they look at exactly what happens in the brain as people process why they do what they do?


Good afternoon, my name is Miguel DeCastro and I am a Sophomore Biology/Pre-med student. Taking this class was inevitable for my major, however, I think that the study of Psychology is interesting. This would be the first Psychology course in my student career. Hopefully through other courses I have taken and topics I have learned prior will aid me in grasping the concepts taught this semester.

When I hear Psychology, I clearly hear an automated voice telling me, “the science of the mind.” I am not exactly sure if what I hear is correct, but that is what first comes to mind.   Three topics I am interested in learning about is: Psychology Then & Now, The Brain, and Why Do We Forget? I would say I am pretty interested in learning about how medical and psychological practices have evolved over the years and why some practices have yet to evolve so learning about those said practices should be interesting to learn about. I have a vague recollection of information I have learned about the brain so learning more about the brain piques my interest. Honestly, I am interested in learning why we forget things because if I had a superpower it would be forgetting information. Learning about the reasoning behind that could help me find ways to remember information. Learning about Addiction, Mechanics of Sleep, and Emotion I find a small degree less interesting than the rest but that is just from initial judgement and I could actually enjoy those topics as well.

I have done a previous high school project on some famous serial killers and my question that I want to know if there is an answer to is: what is happening in a serial killer’s head that makes them commit their acts?



Hello! I’m Sidney Gordon, and I’m a first year student with an intended major of occupational therapy. I chose to take psychology not only because it is required for my major, but also because I want to figure out where I want to go with my minor. Psychology has always peaked an interest in me. I have taken a general psychology course and a childhood psychology in high school, but neither of them were very in depth. I do not remember very much from the classes either. When I hear the word “psychology,” I think of the way humans think and their mentality. How to Make Memories is a topic that seems interesting to me because I value memories, and it would be neat to see how they form. The topic of Emotions would also interest me to see why we feel the way we do. Another interesting topic would be all of the Mental Illness and Disorder topics. These interest me, and I would like to learn about exactly what they are and what all illnesses and disorders that there are. Some topics that wouldn’t interest me as much is the Scientific Method, Why Research Design Matters, and Power of Experiments. They wouldn’t interest me as much because we’ve gone over them in biology. By the end of this course, I would love to know if there are certain things that can cause a mental illness, or if it is hereditary, or both. I would also like to know why the human mind works the way that it does.


Introduction Blog

I decided to take Psychology 105 this semester because it is part of the core, and I am also required to take it for a pre-dental major course track. I have taken an introduction to Psychology class in high school, but it was very basic and only the major topics were covered. I usually think of the mind and how it works when I think of psychology. It makes me think about the brain and how it interconnects with other parts of the body to make a person who they are. Topics that peak my interest are “Memories and Why we Forget” and “Mental Illness”. These topics are interesting to me, because they incorporate the brain functions and how one small disturbance can effect someone. Topics that don’t interest me are “Scientific Method”, “Psychotherapy” and “Sleep” because I have already learned about these topics before. When I learned about them the first time, they did not spark my interest. A question I would like answered by the end of this class is, “How can a college student best cope with their stress?”