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I thought the Johari Window was an interesting assignment. I decided to send my link to my soccer team since we are together a lot and they would be able to see my personality better than anyone else. For the most part everyone that did my Johari Window picked at least one of the personality traits that I did as well, which didn’t surprise me too much because I like to think that I am a pretty readable person. As far as validity, I think that this could go either way. Since this is a face valid assessment it can be easy for one to select traits that would make them look good (or vice versa) that others may not agree with. Also, if someone does not like you they could select bad traits to make the individual look bad, or the opposite, people could just be putting nice things because they’re afraid to be honest since the owner of the window can see what they put. On the other side, I believe that this assessment can potentially be fairly valid if the right people take the window. If people are open and honest this assessment can be really eye opening to people and they can discover things about themselves that they did not know before. For me, some people selected traits such as cheerful, energetic, and brave, which are words that I would never think to describe myself as. I think it would be even more valid (and interesting) to see how the results would vary if it was a completely anonymous assessment.

Bonus Blog Prompt: Johari Window

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The Johari window gave me an outlet to really see how people view me. When I chose six traits I see in myself it was difficult, due to the fact that I do not see many good qualities in myself. For my 6 traits, I chose caring, giving, loving, mature, silly, and friendly. When comparing these six with the traits others had chosen for me, they chose five out of the six. The five they saw in me were caring, giving, loving, mature, and silly. The only one missing from their choices was friendly, which I would say, is wrapped in with the other five that they did choose. Also, there were 19 other traits that were chosen by friends and family that I did not choose in my initial six. What I learned from this process was that there are a lot more positive traits within me than I see in myself. While I may only see six does not mean that there are only five noticeable to others, in fact, there are 24 known to others. Even though there are many positives to this process, there are some issues with it. One example is the fact that you need to put in your name when you submit your responses. Even though you can put anonymous, if everyone else puts their name down, the person may be able to figure out who anonymous is. Also, there are not many options for traits that would be seen as “negative traits”. I believe that “negative” traits are just as important to learn as the “positive ones”. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and learned that there are many other traits in me than I give myself credit for.


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Johari Window Reflection

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I really enjoyed doing the Johari Window. It was nice to see what people think about you. Personally I know that I struggle with self image and self-esteem so seeing everyones positive response was surprising. In addition, it was interesting to see how my self-self-preception varied from what others thought. I felt that this process was similar to that of the IAT test. Both tests compared one’s self perceptions and then gave you a realistic response based off of other responses.

The six words I chose to describe myself were accepting, caring, friendly, mature, observant, and organized. Only two these words, caring and mature, were chosen by other people. Words that other’s choose included: able, bold, calm, confident, depended, energetic, intelligent, kind, loving, silly, and sympathetic. These are all words I would not use to describe myself, but seeing that this is what other people thought was very heart-warming.

The people that I choose to complete the survey included parents, friends, and teammates. I feel that by doing this my results were fairly accurate. When doing a test such as this, it is important to chooses people who you show the “real” you. If someone you didn’t really know, filled out this assessment I feel like they really wouldn’t know what to put which would make the test inaccurate.

I feel like this test is fairly reliable as long as you pick people who you’re close with to fill it out otherwise it will be inaccurate. One issue I had with the test though was the words that were available. Most words basically said the same thing. If a wider range of words were added I feel that it would become even more effective in determining peoples personalities.

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I very much enjoyed completing the Johari Window. Like the IAT tests that we took for the chapter 12 first impression post, it allows you to see if the perceptions you have about what you project to others are the same things that they see. The six words that I chose to  define myself through the Johari window were happy, independent, mature, spontaneous, sympathetic, and accepting. Aside from accepting, all of the words that I chose to describe myself were chosen at least two times. The words that people used the most to describe me however were caring and trustworthy, neither of which I chose for myself.

All of the people that I chose to take the quiz were friends, both from home and from here at school. I think it is important to chose people to take this test who you believe you are totally yourself with. For example, you may be more open and authentic with your best friends than with your parents or siblings.

I think this test is mostly reliable and accurate, but one fault I found with it is that it is nearly impossible to sum up a person in their entirety into five words. My best friend from home, for example, sent me a screenshot with over twenty words selected and asked me how she was supposed to narrow it down when, to her, I embodied all of these qualities. Other than that, I think the test was reliable and consistent and I greatly enjoyed doing it.

Bonus Blog Prompt: Johari Window

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For some reason, it was initially extremely difficult to choose 5 words which best describe me. I do not really know why it was such a challenge, but I think it maybe had something to do with the fact I hadn’t ever thought about describing myself before. After staring at my laptop for quite some time, I decided that I am dependable, happy, extroverted, friendly, and trustworthy. Even though it was difficult for me to describe myself, I think my description was pretty accurate because most everyone who completed my window picked these 5 words. There were also a few words, such as intelligent, caring, kind, and organized, that I did not pick for myself, but most people picked for me.

I think the Johari Window is a valid test because the people who completed are around me a lot, and seem to know me very well. If I sent this link to my acquaintances, I think I would have gotten completely different results. In my opinion, one issue I have with the Johari Window is a lot of the words have very similar connotations, such as friendly, cheerful, and happy. I think in order to get even more accurate results, the descriptive words could be a little more unique, and less like synonyms.

I sent my Johari Window to those who have close relationships with me; however, I did not send it to any of my family members. Although I think my friends know me extremely well, I do not think they know me like my mom and brother do. For example, if I sent this to my mom, she would NOT have described me as organized, like many of my friends did. She would have laughed if she saw that people think I am organized because after all, my room and car are always a mess! If my younger brother saw that most people think I am friendly, he would say that it is all an act! This shows that the results of the Johari Window are all relative because you often show different parts of yourself depending on who you are around.

Through this process, I learned that I have many blind spots, which are words that I never thought could describe me. I think that people, myself included, are often hard on themselves, and it is important to realize that everyone has many good attributes which compose their personalities.

Johari Window Bonus Blog Prompt

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I felt that this process was very interesting. It was really cool to have to pick words that I thought described me, and it was also interesting to see what other people thought I was like. By the end of the process, every word that I had selected for myself had been picked by either one person or multiple people, along with many other words. The other words that people had picked for me also seemed to describe me very well. One word that I was surprised to see was organized. I would like to consider myself an organized person, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the bigger things that describe me. By this process, I learned that people think about me the same way that I do, and I also learned that there are other traits I display that I didn’t know I displayed as much as I did (i.e. organized). I think this test was a valid measurement of personality, because it had a lot of different traits to pick from. This test also allowed other people to openly choose what they thought you displayed most. With that being said, my friend told me that she could see other people’s responses, so I think that could cause some bias if some people don’t know what to say about you, or if they’re going back and forth between different traits. When seeing other’s responses, I feel that they’d be more inclined to pick what other people have picked, so that would be the only concern I’d have for this. If people weren’t going off of what other people said, then I think this test is fairly valid.

Extra Credit-Johari Window Post

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The process of going through the Johari Window was very eye opening. It was very difficult to only pick 5 words that described me, though I was able to distinguish some. I saw myself as someone who is caring, dependable, friendly, and trustworthy. Though, the words that were picked the most to described me only included one of the words that I thought described me the best. The words top three words that were chosen to describe me included energetic, extroverted, and friendly.

I think this is a pretty valid personality test because those that took it were people that I am around almost every day and they know me pretty well. The words that were given were not very specific, so people were able to describe someone one in a wide variety of ways. Though there are some words that are also very similar in meaning that may make the survey a little confusing. Some of these words included cheerful and happy. When I read these words, I think of the same thing and some others might as well.

The thing that I am proud of the most is that almost all of descriptions are positive and that it expresses that I am a social person. I have not always been like that so seeing that other people are seeing that in me makes me feel great. I was also happy to see that they saw me as happy and cheerful, because I always try to cheer everyone up that is around me. Though, nothing really stood out to me that was surprising.

Bonus Posts: Personality

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When completing my Johari Window it was difficult choosing five traits that describe me. I did not think it would be difficult to describe myself because I live with myself everyday so it should be easy but when it comes to defining yourself and your personality in five words it is harder than you would think. This process was difficult to choose only five, I do see myself as having a big personality so it was also a challenge to consolidate myself into such a few number of words. When sending it to the people who are very close to me, only four characteristics to describe my personality overlap. There were far more words used to describe me chosen by other people that I did not think to choose for myself. This either proves that I do not know myself as well as I thought or that the people who completed my Johari Window do not know me as well as they thought. After seeing the words that they chose, I do understand why they used them to describe me, but it makes me wonder why I did not choose some of their words myself. I think that this measure of personality is valid because even though not many of my choices are the same as others, most of the people who completed this did answer in the same words. This shows consistency and I agree with most of them which shows accuracy. I learned a lot about myself because there are things about my personality that are easier for others to see, instead of me seeing it myself. This shows me things I can look at that I saw already and new things that were shown to me through my friends and families’ answers.  

Johari Window Thoughts

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The process of choosing my Johari window was more difficult than I expected. I didn’t know which traits to pick for myself. I was either between a couple, knew ones were definitely not me, and then others I wasn’t sure if they described me or not. For example, I knew I was definitely an extrovert, so that eliminated the introvert trait. Other traits given, like ‘able’ was confusing to me because I really didn’t know what that was referring to. I was anxious to see the results once I finally picked my traits. Some traits that I didn’t think described me, my friends picked. All the traits I picked for myself, at least one of the people I emailed the link to agreed and selected one out of the six traits. I learned more traits about myself that I didn’t know I had than I expected I would have from this assignment. In terms of validity, I think it is a valid test if only people you know participate. I had some people who I didn’t know and didn’t know me participate in my Johari Window. So, my results were skewed because of that. I guess it is not hard for people to obtain the link you shared with your friends. I don’t know if it accurately measures one’s personality because there is only a limited number of traits. There are many traits that can describe someone’s personality. Overall, I liked this assignment cause I was interested in seeing how I was perceived from my friends point of view.

Johari window post

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Johari window is an idea of how people hide their personality in conversation and technique that helps people to understand their relationship. It consists of 4 windows: open self, blind self, hidden self, and unknown self.

I chose “caring”, “cheerful”, “friendly”, “happy”, and “kind” from the lists of personal characteristics through the website which creates own Johari window. I chose them because I think they are my strengths and my favorite personality. I guessed that my self-description is similar to what my friends select because I am not good at faking myself in front of my friends. In addition, I always try to behave like what I want to such as friendly and out kind, and I became like that naturally. From the result, my friends selected “brave”, “helpful”, “organized”, “sensible” and “warm” in addition to my selections. It better resulted than I expected because they also match with what I ‘m trying to be like. It is important to try new things always (brave) and to organized to achieve my goal. It is completely the same things with what I was told by my mother. I felt my personality is changing depends on what I’m doing. This is a good measurement of personality in terms of validity because it has enough number of options to choose and suggests accurate and detail results. On the other hand, people who are asked to choose a person’s personality tend to be his/her friends. Therefore, the result tends to be only positive. The list also has more positive characteristics than negative ones. It may be difficult to point out what is bad aspects of the person. In fact, I felt happy about my result and suspicious if my friends were not honest. Anyways, it was a good opportunity to like myself more than before by realizing people think of my personality similar to what I want to be like.


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