Hi!  My name is Hope Sury and I am a sophomore middle level math education major.  I chose to take this course because I needed it for core, but I also feel that it will help me to understand the students I will have in my classroom.  I took a psychology class in high school, and my roommate is a psychology major, so we have discussions from time to time about her field of study.  When I hear the word “psychology”, I think of people’s behaviors and why they make certain decisions.  I am interested in learning about attachment theory, coping with stress, and motivation.  I am interested in these topics because it will help me better understand myself and what I can do to improve my life.  I am less interested in the scientific method, how to improve memory, and how to choose a therapist.  I have some experience with these topics, so I am less interested in going over these topics.  The question I would like to have answered by the end of the class is how to accurately use psychology in my future classroom.


Hello!! My name is Melanie, I am a first year student and a psychology major. On campus I am an avid napper and a member of Mad Cow Improv, so i can be kinda funny sometimes. I chose to take General Psychology because it is the foreground for my major and puts me in the right direction for my future both during and after college. In high school I look a psychology course and fell in love with the class as well as what I was researching out of class. Through psychology I have learned so much about myself and those around me, which has led me to becoming a better and more understanding person. When I hear the word psychology, a lot of things come to mind.

For me, I think about the decisions people make and how those decisions have been effected by a persons environment, self image, peers, and their own mental health. I think the three most interesting topics for me have to be stress, emotion, and how to get good sleep. It fascinates me when I find out new things about myself through the things we learn in class, and i can make connections to understand why I am feeling a certain way. As for sleep, I have already mentioned my hobby of napping and if I can somehow improve one of my favorite activities I’m down to do so. My three least favorite topics are definitely any of the very science based ones such as learning about the brain and the scientific method. Science isn’t really my strong suit but these ideas seem pretty basic so it shouldn’t be too bad.

By the end of this class I would like for you to answer is, if there was an individual who lived in the perfect world and had no apparent reason to develop a mental disorder, can they?


Hello, my name is Emily Garvin. I am a first year Occupational Therapy major from Bel Air , Maryland. I chose to take this psychology course because it is a requirement for my major, but also because I find psychology fascinating. I have some prior knowledge about psychology because I was enrolled in an AP psychology class in my high school. When I hear the word psychology I think of the mind and how an individual think and perceives their environments. The topics that look the most interesting to me are “how to make memories”, “personality assessment” and “coping with stress”. I find the process of making memories very interesting and I am curious as to how memories are stored and why some aren’t, and some are. Personality assessments are always remarkable you may learn something about yourself that you never knew after completing the assessment. I think that these assessments can really say a lot about a person. Lastly, I would like to learn how to cope with stress in a more efficient manner. I am a student athlete playing sports in both the fall and spring seasons as well as trying to manage my course load. The topics that looked the least interesting to me included “scientific method”, “Chemicals and consciousness”, and “stereotypes and discrimination”. Throughout my years of schooling the scientific method has been taught repetitively multiple different ways. I am not looking forward to learning a new interpretation of it. Chemicals and consciousness could potentially be a tiresome topic because it may require a lot of memorization of chemicals and their effect on consciousness. Finally, I feel as though stereotypes and discrimination may a dull subject because it has been taught in multiple classes that I have taken before. In this case I believe that everyone already has formed opinions on this subject matter making it difficult to learn about stereotypes and discrimination in a different context. One question that I would like answered by the end of the semester is “How is nature different from nurture and which is more important?”.


Hello! I am Kate Ziegler. I am a first year student and my intended major is occupational therapy. I chose to take this psychology course because it is a requirement for my major, but also because I took general psychology in high school and overall psychology is very interesting to me. When I hear the word “psychology” I think of the mind and the way humans think and perceive things. One topic that is interesting to me is “how to make memories” because I love to cherish and make new memories with my friends and family. Another topic that is interesting to me is “personality theory” because I am interested by how different people have different personalities and how they interact with each other. The last topic I am most interested in learning about is “coping with stress” because I get stressed out easily and I think it will be interesting to see how to deal with it by using psychology to understand stress. Three topics that are less interesting to me are the scientific method, why research design matters, and the power of experiments because I have already gone over these topics in previous classes like biology. By the end of this class, I would want to know how dreams work and how our mind and body responds to nature vs. nurture.

Introductory Post

Hello, my name is John Sterbens, but everyone calls me J.D. I am a first year Biology Pre-Vet major from Long Island, New York. I am Minoring in Cognitive Science and Communications. I’ve worked with animals my whole life and one day hope to become a Zoological Veterinarian. I choose to take this class because I think that psychology is really interesting. I love learning about how the mind works. I have also been told by many people, a background in psychology is very helpful as a vet, when it comes to an animal’s owner or caretaker. I do not have much of a background in psychology except for a few articles and videos I have seen. When I think of the word “psychology” I think of studies concerning how the mind works and why it reacts certain ways to specific stimuli. The three topics I am most interested in learning about this semester are memory, mechanics of sleep and personality theory. I think memories are fascinating and look forward to learning how they work. I am intrigued by the mechanics of sleep because I wrote my FYS research paper on how slow classical music helps a person fall asleep. I don’t know anything about personality theory, but it sounds really cool. All of the topics look interesting, but if I had to choose three I didn’t like, I would go with what is addiction, stereotypes and discrimination and mood disorders and anxiety. All of these topics seem fun, but these three simply don’t seem as interesting in my opinion. However, I don’t know anything about them yet so that could easily change. One question I would love answered by the end of this class is how the study of psychology came about and why it started? I look forward to meeting everyone.


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I chose this class because I need it to satisfy core, and I was thinking about a psychology minor, but I’m not sure anymore.

No background in psych.

It’s hard to explain, but I guess to cover what I think of as psychology is how a persons brain works.

Power of experiments, Stereotypes & Discrimination, and how to make memories all seem  like pretty cool to me because they are just things I want to learn. Moral development, group dynamics, and how to choose a therapist aren’t interesting at all to me.

How many different types of jobs can you get with knowing psychology?


Hello, Core Techs!

Since this is my very first blog post, I’m going to be talking a bit about myself and my General Psychology course for college! Let’s start off with some Q&A:

Q: Why did you choose to take this class?

A: As an Occupational Therapist, understanding how the brain works with others, itself, and the environment is essential. In other words, it is crucial to understand why people do the things they do, scientifically. Understanding what is happening mentally can be a big factor to understand what is happening physically. The processes people take can sometime lead to very interesting questions and conclusions. Besides needing this course for credits, I am also very interested in psychology. I took the course in high school and loved it. It made me think a lot more about why we do the things we do as humans, and how we are even capable of doing such things.

Q: What background, if any, do you have in psychology?

A: As previously mentioned, I took psych in high school. I have also done some research here and there on my own time just out of plain curiosity! OT and Biology classes also touch lightly on subjects in a psychological manner from time to time.

Q: What do you think of when you hear the word “psychology”?

A: BRAINS. I really do! Not that I’m a zombie or anything… But everything about psychology involves the study of the human mind and how it interacts with everything. Incredible, isn’t it?

Q: On the course syllabus, which three subjects look most interesting, and which three look the least interesting? Why?

A: Many subjects on the syllabus interest me! To list a few, I am highly interested in learning about sleep, mental illnesses and other disorders, and emotion! I feel that these are all very relative to my life. Teens and other young adults, especially those in school, often have inquires about sleep, emotions, stress, depression, anxiety, and more. Perhaps if I learn more about these subjects, I will be able to assist my colleagues in understanding more about the psychological reasoning and effects of these things, and perhaps it will benefit me as well. As for the subjects I am least interested in, it is probably the units about classical conditioning, operational conditioning, and observational learning. Not that these aren’t interesting subjects, but I have already learned about them in high school and did not take great interest in them. However, I’m sure there’s always more than meets the eye!

Q: What question about psychology do you want to answer by the end of the class?

A: How intelligent can people truly be? I understand that the human mind is capable of many things, but I want to learn about all the things it can do. Can we really do astral projections? Is lucid dreaming real? Is it possible for people to see the future? Can we read minds? Will we be living somewhere other than Earth someday? Just how smart was Einstein?

To understand more about me, this blog, its purpose, and why I created it, go visit the “About Me” page!

Best wishes, Core Techs!



Hello! My name is Janelle Barna, and I am a freshman occupational therapy major! I chose to take this class because not only is it required for my major, I am also extremely interested in the topic. Also, I am considering a Psychology minor and hope that this course will help me decide if that is the path I want to take. Although I have never taken a psychology course before, when I think about the word “psychology” I think about the brain and how the different processes of the brain affect human behaviors, decisions, and emotions. I also think about psychologists and how they help individuals with mental illnesses.

Three topics on the syllabus that interest me are Emotion because I feel like there is such a broad range of emotions that ultimately are inspired by what is happening in the brain which is interesting to think about, Theories of Intelligence because there are many individuals that are considered geniuses but what is thought to cause the spike in intelligence, and Motivation because you always hear that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish it, but I want to learn about why/how this works in your brain.

Three topics that do not interest me that much are the Scientific Method, Chemicals & Consciousness, and Classifying Mental Illness because I know the scientific method and the other two topics sound confusing and extremely in depth as well as ambiguous.

By the end of the semester, I want to be able to answer the question: “How does the media use the field of psychology to manipulate and make populations feel a certain way or consume certain products?”

Introduction to Psychology Class

Hi, I am Anneka Bell, a freshman music therapy major, and I am excited to be taking General Psychology this semester! This class is a requirement for my major; however, I have always been interested in Psychology. Our brain and mind has always fascinated me. As a music therapist, psychology is applicable to our work with clients to help understand their mentality and behaviors and to treating their needs. I have not taken a previous Psychology class prior to PSY105. I wanted to take a class when I was in high school, but unfortunately my schedule was already full.

“Psychology” makes me think of the brain and mind and the reasoning behind certain thoughts and behaviors. I also associate mental disorders, personality, Maslow, and Freud.

Several topics of this semester that look interesting to me are How to Improve Memory, How to get Good Sleep, and How to Make Memories. I sometimes tend to be on the more forgetful side when remembering to do something. I make myself write down what I want to remember on the spot in fear of forgetting. I think it would be helpful to improve my memory not only help remember to do the little things, but to improve memory for studying. I am thankful for the many memories I remember throughout my life and I am interested in how to the brain creates memories and how to possibly improve the quality and retention of memories. Sleep is another topic of improvement in my life. I am a night owl, and I find it difficult at times for me to fall asleep (I can toss and turn for over an hour). Being in a busy major fills my schedule and cuts my sleep, and learning to fall asleep quicker and sleeping more restful would be beneficial now and later in life.

Several topics of this semester that do not look as interesting are Scientific Method, What is “Addiction”?, and Power of Experiments. These topics are familiar to me whether from previous science or health courses, and would be redundant.

Some information about me in a classroom is that I work well both individually and in in groups, and that I work best in quiet areas with minimal distractions.

Finally, questions I have are: are previous memories that one can no longer remember stored somewhere in the brain, and are there ways of retrieving these memories?


Hi, my name is Melissa and I am an OT major! I decided to take psychology because it is required for my major, but I also find it very interesting. In high school I took an introductory psychology course and really enjoyed it. To me, the word psychology means the study of the functions of the human mind and how it effects behavior and emotions. I look forward to exploring and learning about mental illness, memory, and stress. These topics are appealing to me because mental illness and memory loss disorders run in my family, and gaining skills to cope with stress is always great to learn, especially as a college student. The topics that look the least interesting are attachment therapy, personality theory, and theories of intelligence, probably because I am unfamiliar with them. However, I am eager to learn about all of the topics in this course. The questions I would like to answer by the end of the course are what causes mental illness, and how are the different types classified?