I originally chose to come to Elizabethtown College because of the Occupational Therapy program offered. Here, I will complete 5 years of education and obtain a master’s degree. This was a huge selling point for me because not many schools offer a 5 year program that does not require reapplying for the master’s degree program. Also, E-town offers what seems like thousands of different opportunities to get involved on campus. I also considered size when looking at schools. My graduating class in high school was 97 students, which means I had the opportunity to connect with all of the students in my cohort and all of my teachers. Here at E-town, I am able to form relationships with my professors and peers that will help me to succeed in my studies.

Recently, I have struggled with motivation in my school work and even though I tell myself that I need to study and do work, I always procrastinate and do poorly on the assignments. I realized that in order to pass I had to inspire myself to work even harder. I sat down with my textbooks and outlined every important detail in each chapter. It’s easy for me to remember things by color, so I used different highlighters to mean different things. I ended up having a lot of fun creating my notes and studying them. I ended up doing significantly better on my most recent exam. I had a small wake-up call when I met with my advisor who gave me the idea of my new note taking style. Since we can easily meet up with our professors one on one, I will continue to meet with my professors throughout my years at E-town and take their advice on how to be successful in studying and preparing myself for my future.

Motivation Option 2

I chose to come to Etown because of the small campus and the English program.  The location of the College and personalized academics also contributed to my decision. I took both the SAT and the ACT before I was accepted. I had to work vigorously to get into Etown. I always remind myself of how hard I had to work to get into Etown to motivate myself. I also reward myself by taking a break to watch TV after completing large assignments to stay motivated. These strategies have so far been successful in motivating me to keep working through the semester. I can continue to use these strategies to stay motivated until graduation. I can also add more rewards for completing assignments.


First Impression-Motivation

I am a transfer from another small liberal arts college in Maryland. I did not like the school that I was at before, athletically or academically. I knew if I wanted to have a positive college experience, I would have to transfer. Elizabethtown was the first institution to recruit me for basketball. I remember having a tour at Etown when I was a senior and I thought it was a very nice school. It was in my top three colleges but I decided to go to the college in Maryland because it was closer to my house. When I made my mind up that I was going to transfer, I immediately pictured myself at Etown. I am glad I made the switch because Etown sets me up for success academically and athletically.

I am the most motivated when it is close to the due date. I know that doesn’t sound great, but it is the truth. I have more motivation to study when the exam is close. I have more motivation to do an assignment when the due date is close. This isn’t the best way to handle work in college. It can make you very stressed out. I try to motivate myself to do things earlier so that I won’t be rushing trying to finish the assignment on time. The bigger the assignment is, the more motivation I have to complete it. What motivates me to be successful in school is my G.P.A. I always strive to get good grades so that I can get scholarships for graduate school. The better my grades are the more likely I am to get scholarships. Focusing on the big picture is what helps me stay motivated. As a part of my motivational plan, I will print out a picture of my dream car (a Mercedes G-wagon) and put it up on my wall. So every time I look at my dream car I will be motivated to work hard so that I can be successful enough to afford a G-wagon. I will also write motivational quotes on post its and stick them on my walls. The quotes will motivate me to work hard.

Thanksgiving 1st Impression Post- Motivation

For this weeks first impression post, I chose to write about option one which was about an emerging problem in America: orthorexia. A couple years ago, I would have never thought that this would be a problem because healthy eating habits seemed pretty much inexistent in America. It is not only until recently, when I started changing my lifestyle to eat healthier and exercise more often that I discovered how seriously people take their eating habits. My healthy eating involves not eating quite as much bread and not eating ice cream every single night, but I found a lot of people, especially on social media that go as far as to count macros on everything that they eat. That seems too time consuming to me. The criteria to be diagnosed for orthorexia seem like they could be very detrimental to a person’s health. It’s good to eat healthy, but when it starts to consume your every thought, and you stress about what will happen to you if you stray from your strict diet, it is no longer healthy. You can not just cut out entire food groups and expect to stay healthy, even things like fats you need in moderation for normal bodily functions. I think orthorexia should be something that patients can be clinically diagnosed with just like someone can be diagnosed with anorexia. It causes negative problems to the person not only physically, but also mentally. It affects a person’s self image which can lead to other problem like depression and should be taken seriously.

Motivation, Where did you go?

I originally chose to attend Etown based solely on the desire to get out of Mississippi. I wanted to be as far away from home as possible. Luckily for me i was offered a large enough scholarship that it made it possible to attend. Although the more time i spend here the more i feel at home. My fellow students here at Etown, new and old, never fail to have a friendly demeanor the first time they meet you. The teachers here i have met are always willing to have a small chat if you feel you can approach them which i feel promotes a healthy learning environment. Overall the sense of community here at Etown has fostered a desired to stay strong than the desire to attend here was originally.

Honestly, this semester i have been slacking pretty hard and I’m still adjusting to find my own rhythm when it comes to studying. When it comes to my own responsibilities i tend to be very lax and unmotivated, convinced that i can do whatever comes my way without any effort put in before hand. I feel this is because during high school i failed to develop healthy study habits and preparation tactics. This has come to plague my performance in school because i know if i actually ever put the effort in i could do so much better than i am currently.

Yet i digress, as i have slowly but steadily made improvements in my performance as the semesters pass. Luckily for me i have a plan going forward already for improving myself and my reliability in classes. I often miss due dates and fail to maintain any reliability or study, yet this semester as i am taking Japanese i have the hiragana and katakana charts posted above my desk and therefore my desktop PC. I feel because this piece of study material was and remains to be ever present in both my work-space and my gaming space i was more easily able to learn and reference it casually. Every time i look up from my computer monitor there it is hanging reminding me of my class work, this is why i plan to replace it next semester with a calendar that will mark what i will accomplish on a daily basis. Through this i will not be able to make excuses for myself and ignore the problems that crop up during the school year. I am very confident that this will improve my work ethic and am excited to implement it into my work space.


First Impression: Motivation

The reason I chose to go to Elizabethtown College was because I was awarded a large outside scholarship that lowered my tuition to an extremely small rate. I also chose Elizabethtown College because I knew I would be able to graduate within three years instead of four. The significance of those factors is that I’ll be able to arrive at financial independence and stability sooner in life. Independence and financial security will allow me to meet fulfill my own hierarchy of needs, up to the “esteem needs” point, as I will be able to achieve more and live more freely than I do now. Having money and my own living space will allow me to maintain close relationships and live a less stressful life without worrying about student loans. Most of my friends are also in the grade above me, so moving a year ahead and joining them will contribute to my sense of belonging, which is another big emotional and social motive in life.

To motivate myself in my classes, I focus on all of those things I want to achieve. As long as I keep up my academic performance, I can maintain my academic scholarship and proceed through school at a faster pace so that I can graduate at the same time as my older friends. My plan to help myself succeed and graduate early is to reward myself with weekend trips to see my friends a few times a semester. To be able to do this, I will need to complete my schoolwork ahead of time. This semester, I could’ve done better with doing work, but for the rest of my college career, that plan will have to suffice. My current motivation is to maintain my close friendships, as they will be the most fulfilling thing for me as I work my way through school.



Thanksgiving Break First Impression Post – Motivation

Hand writing on a notebook

**In case you need an additional first impression or refinement post to make it to the required 8 for the semester, the following prompts are available for yout to do over break. This material is related to Sections 10.1 and 10.2 in the textbook, but we will not be covering this in class. For refinement posts make sure you read Chapter 10 to incorporate material from the text.**

Here are the two prompts for break. Regardless of which prompt you choose, please use the tag “Motivation.” The first impression posts will be due by the 10pm on Sunday, 11/26. The refinement posts will be due at noon on Saturday, 12/2.

Option 1

America is currently facing an obesity epidemic that some experts have labeled the biggest public health threat we have today. We have all heard the recommendations to eat healthier and get regular exercise. Some people, however, are taking the message of healthy eating too far. A new mental health disorder called orthorexia nervosa has been proposed, in which eating healthy food becomes an obsession. One set of proposed criteria are available here. Look over the criteria and comment on whether or not you think this is a good way to define the boundary between eating healthy and having a mental disorder.

Option 2

Motivation is not a stable force, but often waxes and wanes. Throughout your time at Elizabethtown College, your motivation for school will undoubtedly be higher at some times and lower at others. I want you to discuss why you chose to come to Elizabethtown College originally and what you do to motivate yourself to do well in your classes currently. I also want you to plan an intervention for yourself for how you can maintain motivation to succeed until graduation.

I look forward to seeing what you write!

Header image: CC by Flickr user Caitlinator