Johari Window- Extra Credit Bonus Prompt

The Johari Window was a fun assignment. It not only made me reflect on my own personality it also gave me insight on what other people think about me as well. I just emailed the link to a bunch of my friends and I had eleven people respond to the quiz. I picked the words caring, friendly, relaxed, introverted, shy, and spontaneous. Out of all of those only half were chosen by others: caring, friendly, and relaxed. I sort of expected this though because while I do not act shy around my friends and family, I am not always the most comfortable in a group setting. I just find it very stressful. I do not really talk about it a lot though so it is not something that I thought people would choose. Some of the other words chosen were accepting bold, brave, calm, cheerful, confident, dependable, dignified, happy, idealistic, independent, intelligent, kind, knowledgeable, logical, loving, mature, patient, self, assertive, sentimental, silly, sympathetic, trustworthy, and warm. Overall, it was sort of like a confidence boost because everything that everyone said was very nice. Some of the words I did not think people would choose, like dignified, but when I sat down and thought about the words in relation to my personality I could see many of the words in my personality. I think people chose different words than I did because we view ourselves different and criticize our own flaws a lot harder than others do. It was just interesting to see how other people can view you differently than you view yourself. 

Johari Window Bonus Post

My Johari Window was somewhat surprising. Several of the traits I selected for myself were also chosen by the others who contributed. Positive traits which I did not attribute myself with were selected multiple times. I learned that I am kind and compassionate towards others, even if I do not know them well. This was news to me because I often feel as though I am harsh towards others, especially my friends. The Johari Window may not be an accurate measurement of personality, as outward personality could be exaggerated or falsified.

<table style=”text-align:center;border-spacing:0px; border-collapse:collapse;”> <tr><td style=”border:1px solid #000;padding:4px;width:50%;vertical-align:top;background:#ccf”> <h2 style=”margin:0px”>Arena</h2>

(known to self and others)

<p> <span style=”color:#00007F”>accepting</span>, <span style=”color:#0000FF; font-weight:bold”>sympathetic</span></p></td><td style=”border:1px solid #000;padding:4px;width:50%;vertical-align:top;background:#fcc”> <h2 style=”margin:0px”>Blind Spot</h2>

(known only to others)

<p> <span style=”color:#BF0000; font-weight:bold”>caring</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>cheerful</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>confident</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>energetic</span>, <span style=”color:#7F0000″>extroverted</span>, <span style=”color:#BF0000; font-weight:bold”>friendly</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>helpful</span>, <span style=”color:#FF0000; font-weight:bold”>intelligent</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>knowledgeable</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>logical</span>, <span style=”color:#7F0000″>loving</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>modest</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>nervous</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>organised</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>powerful</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>self-assertive</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>silly</span>, <span style=”color:#7F0000″>tense</span>, <span style=”color:#3F0000″>warm</span></p></td></tr><tr><td style=”border:1px solid #000;padding:4px;width:50%;vertical-align:top;background:#cfc”> <h2 style=”margin:0px”>Façade</h2>

(known only to self)

<p> adaptable, dependable, mature</p></td><td style=”border:1px solid #000;padding:4px;width:50%;background:#ccc”> <h2 style=”margin:0px”>Unknown</h2>

(known to nobody)

<p style=”font-size:0.8em”> able, bold, brave, calm, clever, complex, dignified, giving, happy, idealistic, independent, ingenious, introverted, kind, observant, patient, proud, quiet, reflective, relaxed, religious, responsive, searching, self-conscious, sensible, sentimental, shy, spontaneous, trustworthy, wise, witty</p></td></tr></table> <h2>Dominant Traits</h2><p><b>66%</b> of people think that Scroopie Noopers is <b>intelligent</b><br></p><h3>All Percentages</h3><p><span style=”color:#888″>able (0%)</span> <b>accepting</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>adaptable (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>bold (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>brave (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>calm (0%)</span> <b>caring</b> (50%) <b>cheerful</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>clever (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>complex (0%)</span> <b>confident</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>dependable (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>dignified (0%)</span> <b>energetic</b> (16%) <b>extroverted</b> (33%) <b>friendly</b> (50%) <span style=”color:#888″>giving (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>happy (0%)</span> <b>helpful</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>idealistic (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>independent (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>ingenious (0%)</span> <b>intelligent</b> (66%) <span style=”color:#888″>introverted (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>kind (0%)</span> <b>knowledgeable</b> (16%) <b>logical</b> (16%) <b>loving</b> (33%) <span style=”color:#888″>mature (0%)</span> <b>modest</b> (16%) <b>nervous</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>observant (0%)</span> <b>organised</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>patient (0%)</span> <b>powerful</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>proud (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>quiet (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>reflective (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>relaxed (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>religious (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>responsive (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>searching (0%)</span> <b>self-assertive</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>self-conscious (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>sensible (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>sentimental (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>shy (0%)</span> <b>silly</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>spontaneous (0%)</span> <b>sympathetic</b> (33%) <b>tense</b> (33%) <span style=”color:#888″>trustworthy (0%)</span> <b>warm</b> (16%) <span style=”color:#888″>wise (0%)</span> <span style=”color:#888″>witty (0%)</span> </p>

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 15.11.2017, using data from 6 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window, or view Scroopie Noopers’s full data.

Johari Window Blog

Our psychology class recently did a project where we created a Johari Window. Basically, you select 5 to 6 traits from this wall of about 40 that you think describe yourself the best. You then send it to other people and have them do the same. At the end, you have an idea of what people think of you. Selecting the traits that best describe myself was a weird process. It really made me look myself in the mirror and to be honest, it was a lot harder to see that I imagined. I wanted to pick traits that I believed described me but also that other people would believe described me. The results actually surprised me a little. I had ruled out some traits that I thought described me because I did not think others would feel the same way. As it turned out, when everyone else filled out my window, those traits that I had previously ruled out were the most popular ones. It was eye opening and it made me happy to know that people saw me as I thought I saw myself. I also felt a little stupid for doubting myself in the first place. This project taught me to believe in myself a little more and that I do a pretty good job of actually being the type of person I want to be. I’m not sure how valid of a test this is. Sometimes, people could just pick “good” traits and not actually reflect who someone actually is. When done properly though, it gives a really cool perspective. Despite what a lot of people, including myself, may say, we care about what others think. The Johari Window is a good tool to show that.

Johari Window Bonus Prompt

This was a pretty interesting experience, I always enjoy seeing what people think about me. I guess I was a little surprised in how little I had similar responses with people, only one person ended up putting one of the same answers I selected, and it was one I figured a lot of my friends would put about me as a major part of my personality. I was definitely surprised with some of the answers people did give too, like organized and introverted, things that most people who know me would never say about me. I’m not sure if I would say this is a valid way to measure your personality though. It’s more of a better way to figure out how you come across to other people, as everyone can have different experiences with you which would lead them to putting different answers. Maybe to some people you’re quiet and others you’re loud, etc. One thing I suppose I kind of learned about myself was how I organize my desk. I guess I always knew it but I never consciously acknowledged it, but after asking a friend why they put organized when most people know I’m the opposite, she told me she had noticed that when I sit at a desk I have specific places I put things, which I thought was a kind of interesting observation. Other than that I didn’t have any big life changing answers that really made me look inward at myself.

Johari Window-Bonus Post

Doing the Johari Window was a great way to see what others thought of you. Frankly, I was shocked by the characteristics people picked for me. The most shocking trait that multiple people picked was extroversion. To me, I am a total introvert. I would definitely rather be by myself than surrounded by people looking at me. I feel most calm when I am by myself. I guess some people didn’t know that about me. The highest trait that was picked for me was intelligence. I wouldn’t say that I am not intelligent, but that was not one of the traits I picked for myself. The second highest trait people picked for me was caring. I would say that I am caring as well but there were only so many traits you could pick for this exercise. It was interesting to see what traits individuals picked based on their relationship with me. My sister and my mom said that I was an introvert because those are the people that know me best. They know I’d rather be by myself than have all eyes on me. But from a person who doesn’t know me very well, they might assume I feed off of other people’s energy. I think the Johari Window is a pretty good measurement of personality. It’s good to see what others think of you because you might posses traits that you never thought about having before someone brought it to your attention. I think it gets you thinking about who you are and how people perceive you. Its a great way to find out what others think of you, I would recommend it to everyone.

Johari Window

This experience was quite interesting. I was surprised my friends and family thought similar things about me as I did. The characteristics I picked were adaptable
dependable, independent, reflective, and logical. I found it hard to select five to six characteristics.

I do agree with statements made in class that personality tests are mainly reductive. I felt I could relate to a lot of the other qualities but they did not define me. For example I am organized but that is not more important than dependable. I felt this test was subjective to whatever the person rating the other person felt was important. For example I have a friend who is very religious and rated me as religious. I do go to church but I would not say that is one of my top five Johari Windows. Obviously if they are filing out your Johari window they have ties to you in some way and appreciate some aspect of you. 

It was very interesting to see what everyone thought compared to what I thought. There were a lot of synonyms that described what I selected. 72% of people thought I was independent and intelligent.  No one agreed with me that I am logical. Some characteristics that surprised me were spontaneous and complex.

I feel this exercise could have gained validity if the people rating the characteristics identity was protected. I feel since the person knew their results would be apparent to all they only selected positive things and could have looked at previous ratings.

Bonus Post: Johari Window

It wasn’t easy for me to pick 5-6 traits I thought strongly described me or applied to myself.  I confidently chose about 4 and the other two I saw myself as occasionally but not on a consistent basis.  There were so many traits to choose from that it felt a bit overwhelming, however I did manage to narrow it down to dependable, intelligent, kind, organized, trustworthy, and logical.  To my surprise many people viewed me the same way I viewed myself with the exception of being logical.  Apparently in the end I consisted of 25 of the traits according to my friends and my family. 60% of the 10 people pinned me as caring which I did not pick for myself, but it is very similar to kind which I chose. My next highest percentage was energetic, dependable, and mature at 40%.  I was surprised to see energetic on there and that so many people thought of me consisting of this trait.  Spontaneous is one some picked that I was shocked by, I don’t consider myself this at all. I am very stick by the book and follow the rules kind of girl,  but I guess to others I have a little wild and adventurous side too?

I think its great to see how others view me however the list had no negative traits like lazy, annoying, grumpy, etc.  Also the people picking your traits aren’t going to pick the bad because they know you are going to see it.  People may feel uncomfortable choosing what they actually think suits you because they fear you may not like the answer. The test may accurately access what your friend “want you” to think how they view you, but they may realistically view you quite differently. This test would have worked better if individuals go to type in 6 traits they thought of you instead of choosing from a list.


Johari Window

The process of making the Johari Window was a little bit challenging for me to make. Choosing personality traits to describe myself was quite hard, especially when the options are limited. It was interesting to evaluate myself in the “outside looking in” perspective. I never had to look at myself in that way, so I tried to choose the most honest traits possible. Lots of people chose that I was independent and I did too because that is something I pride myself in being from the time I was little based on the way I was raised. I did send it to my parents for them to give their opinions, and it was nice to see all the positive things they chose to describe me as now that my morals and values are set in and I am an adult. My way of describing myself was more along the lines of how I personally act; whereas my peers and family described me as how I act around them. The way they see me is differently (and more positive) than I see myself most of the time, but sometimes self esteem gets in the way of this as well. I believe the Johari Window gave a very good, varied, response of all the different factors my personality entails. I liked the way it gave options to choose from and opened up my mind to what I could be, because not every personality trait is obvious and upfront. I definitely learned that others felt I was different than how I saw myself. Also, I discovered that lots of my personality traits that I thought I would have to some friends, I did not. Some saw unique traits in me where I thought they saw boring ones. It was really neat to see what my parents thought of the personality traits I’ve taken on as an adult in college now too; as it proves they are still proud of me and still think of me as a positive and helpful person just like they did when I lived at home.



Johari Window

When reading the assignment description about the Johari Window and what it looks like and as well as reading it on the website I was intrigued and terrified at the same time. I was going to slightly see into the minds of my friends and see what they think of me. I was intrigued to find out what they thought of me and if it was good or if they thought of me as quite the swell guy, and terrified to find out what they thought of me at the same time. For all I know I view myself as the exact opposite as what others see me. And once I had completed the window I found this to be somewhat true. When I had completed my part I had selected the words adaptable, mature, observant, friendly, independent and introverted. Now these are just words I feel I am most of the time, not every situation am I mature or observant or adaptable, I’m only human. Immediately after filled myself out I got my roommate to complete it, now part of me wanted to wait and get all ten of my friends to complete it before I looked at the results but curiosity had gotten the best of me and I looked at what he put and to my surprise…we didn’t have a single word that was the same…I was sure he would have thought I was at least independent. Instead he had put logical, caring, modest, giving, knowledgeable and helpful. So after seeing his answers I was even more curious what others thought of me. After asking others to complete the window I was even more surprised how many words were in the blind spot category. In the end there were only 3 words that both I and several other of my friends have agreed on, independent, friendly and introverted. I think using the Johari Window to see what your friends and even colleagues is a good way to see what others think of you, it can show you aspects of yourself that you may not realize and it may also show you aspects of yourself that you might want to change. For example for a little while now I have been trying to become less and less introverted and try to be more social in general. Overall I have learned that I am not the person I really see myself as compared to what others see.

Link to my Johari Window:

(Names aren’t used in case my friends didn’t want their named used)

My Johari Window

When taking the Johari Window personality test, I was definitely intrigued by my results. When choosing the traits I would describe myself with, I really wanted to pick more than six. If I could’ve I would have picked somewhere around 10-12. I only say this because almost all of the things in my blind-spot category, I basically knew and I would’ve picked if I had more than six words. I agreed with all of them and didn’t see anything out of place honestly. I think it was more of a good indicator of who I am than just my personality. I think it shows a lot about us in not so obvious ways. For example, I didn’t have anything in my facade box. I always try to be very straight forward and honest and I don’t think I have a “front” anyways, so that seemed fitting. A lot of people I know have said I’m an open book, and I agree. Another thing that’s telling of me is that people answered introverted and extroverted. When I’ve taken personality tests in the past I’ve gotten INFJ or ENTP various times depending on the test, so truly I do identify with being an ambivert more than anything else. I was also intrigued by how people who know me in all sorts of different capacities answered differently. Everyone in my immediate family said I was independent or mature, all of my friends said complex and organized, and 70% of people said I was caring. I’ve always known I was a caring and understanding individual and it definitely shows in my passions and in my work. After recently attending an info session on careers in mental health, I’d love to explore careers in adoption and child protective services, and I choose those because they are hard to do, but take extreme amounts of love, understanding, and compassion for everyone. I truly just want to impact a child’s life in a positive way and make human connections along the way. Overall, this test it definitely worth your time and can give you good insight to yourself.

My test: