Chapter 1 First Impression Prompts – Research Methods

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Regardless of which prompt you choose, please use the Tag “Research Methods” on your post. Remember that these first impression posts are designed to be conducted based on what you already know or believe to be true, so you don’t have to do any research before writing your post. Here are the prompts for this week:

Option 1

For this week’s discussion, I want you to design a research study about a topic you find interesting in psychology. You can choose any topic you would like as long as you relate it to human behavior or mental processes. In your post make sure to do the following:

  • List your research question
  • State your hypothesis (what you think the outcome would be and why)
  • Describe your procedure (what you would have participants do, how you would recruit participants)

Make your research idea something feasible that you could actually do as a student researcher. In other words, assume you have a fairly small budget and a limited amount of time. If you’re a psychology major, you will eventually conduct your own research projects, so this is great practice to start thinking about what you might want to do.

Option 2

Mythbusters is a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel which tests popular ideas using scientific methods.  Select one of the mini-myths (short clips from the show) below and critique the methods used to test the myth. Remember, critique means list the strengths and the weaknesses. For each weakness, discuss why it is a problem and suggest a solution.

I look forward to seeing what you write!

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About Me

--Original published at HannahsCollegeBlog

Hello, my name is Hannah Segal, and I am a Psychology major. I took this class because psychology is very interesting to me and I want to learn more about it. My senior year of high school I took AP psychology and it ended up being my favorite class. When I hear the word “psychology” I think of how the brain and mind work, and the ‘why’ behind peoples actions. Week 14, covering the topic of mental illnesses sounds most interesting to me because I want to learn about what the different illnesses are and how they effect the brain and what can be done to help fix them. I am also interested in learning about sleep, and why it is easier or harder for others to sleep, and knowing how to get the best sleep. Lastly I am looking forward to learn how to cope with stress. This interest me because stress is a daily problem that most people face, so learning how to cope with it will make everyday life a little easier. One topic that I am least excited to learn about is conditioning. When I was learning this in my AP class, it never peaked my interest and was kind of boring to me. I am also least interested in learning about the theories of intelligence, because I my AP teacher took a lot of time to go over that topic so I already have somewhat of an understanding of it. Lastly, how to choose a therapist, this is least interesting to me because I am looking forward to learning more about the brain itself rather than the therapies. One question that I would like to have answered by the end of this class is, why do we dream?

Introduction Blog Post

--Original published at Tyler's Ideas

Honestly, I was placed into Intro to Psychology because I am an undecided freshman, but I think this class is a great class for me to take. I ultimately want to be a guidance counselor and could potentially major in Psychology depending on how this class goes. In high school, I took AP Psychology my junior year. Unfortunately, I didn’t put in the correct amount of time needed to do well in the class, so I did not score very well on the AP test. When I hear the word psychology, I instantly think about how people work and why. Three topics I find interesting are moral development, coping with stress, and psychotic, traumatic, & personality disorders. Moral development seems interesting because I am excited to learn where our morals start from and how they form as you get older. I am excited to learn about coping with stress because I feel I may be able to use that in my own life. Finally, psychotic, traumatic, & personality Disorders is what interests me most in psychology, so I am very excited to learn about that. Three areas I am least interested in, all have to do with the brain. Both the brain: micro-level and the brain: macro-level I know I will struggle with therefore I am least excited about them. chemicals and consciousness also don’t seem so exciting considering they sound like it will be able the brain also. By the end of psychology hope to answer the question, why do people do what they do. Why are people stressed and how can they fix it? How are morals developed? Other questions like that really fascinate me.


--Original published at Alexis' Blog

Hi everyone!!

My name is Alexis and I’m going to be the TA for this semester of Gen Psych! I’m a junior Psychology major with a double minor in Studio Art and Data Analytics. Around campus, I’m an RA in Schlosser on the first floor, I’m the Secretary for the class of 2020 Student Senate, I’m a research assistant for Dr. Lemley’s study of the perky effect, and I’m the Vice President of Psi Chi. (I’m also a TA for Psych Stats if you need any help there as well!)

I took Gen Psych in high school for AP credit, but it was definitely one of my favorite classes. At Etown, I took Neuroscience and Psychopathology my first year, Psychological Statistics, Social Psychology, Psychological Research Methods, and Counseling Psychology last year, and this year I am enrolled in Health Psychology and Psychology of Diversity! Out of all of these, I would say that Counseling Psych has been one of the most interesting and helpful classes I have taken this far, and I would highly recommend it 🙂

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me! My email is I look forward to seeing all of your blog posts this upcoming semester!


Starting College

--Original published at Gracie's Blog

28 August 2018

Hey, my name is Gracie Brubaker! I am currently a freshman majoring in Occupational Therapy at Elizabethtown College. I am excited to take psychology because I never took this specific class in high school. I was originally put into a HUM Peace, War, and Nonviolence class, but I felt like I should take a class that would benefit me in the field of work I would like to undertake in the future.

I do not have any background in psychology because like I said I did not take it in high school because my schedule was already full. When I hear the word “psychology” I think of the brain and how it works. I also think of psychology as finding reasons why people’s personalities are so different from one another and why reactions of people are so different.

The three topics that look the most interesting to me are “psychology then and now”, “how to improve memory”, and “how to get good sleep”.  The topic about psychology then and now interests me because I feel like it will be interesting to hear how much information has been discovered over time and how people discovered it. I always feel like I have a terrible memory, therefore learning how to improve memory is something I am looking forward to. The topic about getting a good night’s sleep also catches my attention because sleep is so important and there are probably tricks to sleeping better.

One topic that sounds the least interesting to me is the “attachment theory” because anything with “theory” in the name sounds boring. Another topic which sounds the least interesting would be “observational learning” because this topic sounds like we have to just observe something then learn from visuals, and that does not sound too intriguing to me. The last topic that does not sound interesting is “classical conditioning” because I am not sure what type of “conditioning” the topic is referring to.

The one question that I would like to answered by the end of this class is: How does someone improve their memory and what makes someone have a bad memory?

Blog Creation Post

--Original published at Marisa Psych Blog

Hello. My name is Marisa Krinock and this is the start to my sophomore year at Elizabethtown College. I am a Criminal Justice major with minors in History as well as Pre-law. I am an athlete at this college as a member of the volleyball team. I love the field I am pursuing and believe this course will help me tremendously as I continue to learn different areas and parts of this work.

I chose to take this class because I honestly am interested in the subject and concept of psychology. I do believe that this course is also recommended to take with my major and rightfully so. Not only do I think that understanding human behaviors as well as how others process information important, but very crucial to how society runs and functions as a whole. I have always found psychology interesting. Studying how people act and seeing the make up of brain chemicals that par-take in everyday things such as emotions or even thinking is very intriguing in my personal opinion.

I do not have a background in the subject of psychology. I did however take a basic psychology class in high school and loved it. In that class we focused on nature vs. nuture  scenarios. We discussed a number of very debatable topics. One of my favorite discussions we had was based on serial killers. It was based on whether or not the students felt if certain chosen serial killers we discussed were predisposed to certain things in society, difficult home lives, or mental imbalances and how they contributed to there actions. Looking into the psychological aspect of there actions, we could try to find an answer of why. Why are people different from one another and what are main factors in their actions, such as the ones these killers possessed.

When I here the word “psychology”, I think of the mind. Each person has different makeup. This includes variables of background, parents, home life, economical status, education, location of living and much more. All of these variables contribute to the life one lives and how they live it. Psychology is a branch of science that gives a sense of understanding in why. How and why do people process and act in certain scenarios? This question is not an easy one to answer, but psychology gives steps and different factors that establish a starting platform. Being able to measure and control different aspects and components in someones life can be observed. These observations create data in the levels of science, behavior and mental processes in which humans have on a daily basis. All of these are tide to the mind in one way or another.

After looking into the course syllabus, I found three topics that do intrigue me. The topic of, “What is “Addiction?”” interests me on a personal level as I have seen that throughout my immediate family. In my opinion, addiction is different for everyone. Yes, it is measurable, but everyone has different reasons and contributions to their addictions. Another topic I found interesting was “How to improve memory.” I have an awful long term memory in my opinion. I don’t remember much of my life before the start of middle school. This interests me because my sister can remember small little details from when we were little kids that I don’t even remember happened. And lastly, I found “Psychotic, Traumatic, and Personality Disorders” interesting. I don’t know a lot of about this topic which is the main reason it interests me. Three topics that didn’t really catch my eye or that I would personally think were interested consisted of “Obedience”, “Psychiatric Medication”, and “How to chose a Therapist”. All of these topics didn’t catch because of the titles. I am person that looks and covers of books and decides if they look interesting from that. I hope I learn something not just from these subjects, but all of them.

One question that I would like to get an answer to throughout the span of this intro psychology class is based off addiction. I want to learn more about the different elements of this very big issue in todays society. I don’t think there is really a direct answer, so I am looking for a thicker sense of understanding aspects of it. Why is it such a huge issue in todays world, and how can it possibly be contained or even reduced? This is my question for this course.


--Original published at Manami PSY105blog


My name is Manami Tanaka. I’m an international student from Japan by using one-year exchange program. I came here in January and going back in December. I’m junior now, and my major is international relations in the Japanese university and Business in this college. But I can take any classes except practical classes such as the class of drawing and playing instruments. I chose Introduction to psychology because I’m interested in how people think in society and how people are influenced by the other people or things. I think learning how people’s thought changes are useful in business. Besides this, it is one of the other reasons that my previous roommate who is in the psychology major recommended me to take it.  What I came up with about “psychology” is reading people’s mind from their behavior and gesture. Also, a psychologist is working importantly to help people who are suffering from depression or stress and kids who cannot join society well. Blogging is going to be interesting and hard for me. Because I do not know about psychology really. However, it is good to achieve my English skill by practicing how to express what I thought through psychological contents. I’m also interested in Psychology Research in the Media Project because media is related to several genres of studies, especially business. I have never tried to study psychology before. Now, I am trying to learn new things in my second language. That would build my knowledge and background. I do not have any specific questions which I want to be answered by the end of this class yet. I would like to cover briefly the concept of psychology.

Getting to Know David Varner

--Original published at David's Blog

I’m David Varner and I come from a small town in Pennsylvania called Bainbridge. Right now I’m a sophomore in college majoring in communications. I currently have a job working at UPS as a part time supervisor. My approach to my intro to Psychology class is to have an open mind and try to learn new things. I chose to take this class to fulfill a required core course. Currently I have no background in the course but i’m excited to learn about it. When I hear the word psychology I think of therapists, even though I know there is more to it than that. The three topics that look the most interesting to me in the course would be, how to make memories, how to improve memories and why do we forget. Topics that look the least interesting would be, the brain: micro-level, the brain: macro-level and obedience. I what to be able to answer my question of what type of jobs come with a psychology major.

Kayla’s Introductory Blog Post

--Original published at Site Title

Hi! My name is Kayla Kolivras, I am a sophomore occupational therapy major and play on the soccer team here at school. I am from New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, which is about 30 minutes away from Etown. I not only chose to take this class because it is a requirement for my major, but psychology is a subject that is very interesting to me and I plan to minor in it. It is fascinating learning how the brain works and why some people are the way they are. In high school I took AP psychology and it was my favorite class that I took in high school by far. My favorite memory from that class was when we learned about Pavlov’s classical conditioning with the dogs, and then we had to mimic that by training rats with simple commands/triggers and rewards. When I hear the word “psychology” the first thing that comes to mind is the brain; all the different parts, functions, chemicals, ect. One topic on the syllabus that I am excited to learn about is “Why do We Forget?” because I tend to be a forgetful person and hopefully learning why it happens, can help prevent it from keep happening. Another subject that interests me is “How to Get Good Sleep”, and I think the reasoning is rather self explanatory. I would love to get some new tips on how to get a good sleep since that is something myself, and most other college students lack. Lastly, the sections on mental illnesses and disorders caught my eye because mental illness is a very prevalent issue in today’s society and it will be interesting to learn what all these different illnesses look like and what is the cause of them. One subject that seems least interesting to me is the first section on the history and scientific method. History is something that I think is boring, and I have learned the scientific method before in many classes, but I do see the importance in having that background information. Another subject that does not seem very interesting to me is the section on obedience, mostly because I am not exactly sure what that entails. One other section that does not seem very interesting to me is the section on “How to Choose a Therapist” because I feel like it is a personal decision when picking a therapist for one’s situation and preference/comfort levels because everyone /every situation is different and it cannot just be generalized in a textbook. By the end of this class I hope to have the answer to the question, “What causes some people to have chemical imbalances in their brain while others do not?”

Introduction Post

--Original published at Chey's Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Cheyenne and I chose to take this class because I’m fascinated with cognitive psychology. I really enjoy studying the mind and the way it works so psychology is one of my majors along with studio art. I took college level psychology courses in high school and did a little studying on my own as well. When I think of the word psychology I think of the study of the mind and behaviors. Cognitive and moral development and personality theory seem to be the most interesting topics in my mind. The scientific method, obedience, and power of the situation seem the least interesting to me. The one question I would like to have answered by the end of this class is: what is the best way to treat mental illness in others?