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Hi! My name is Tyler, I’m a freshman and my major is biotechnology. I took this class to fulfill my core requirements. I do not have any background in psychology. When I think of psychology I think of how the brain works and unraveling the reasons behind human thought process and emotion. The three topics that look most interesting to me are “Classifying mental illness”, “Why do we forget?”, and “The Brain: Micro level.” These topics stick out to me as for one, mental illness is extremely prevalent yet very mysterious, and the other two topics are unique concepts that I could not even begin to answer or explain. The three topics that seem least interesting are “How to choose a therapist”, “Personality assessment”, and “Scientific Method.” These are of less interest to me as they seem not as useful, already covered in other courses, or slightly judgmental. I think the history of psychology as a field of study is very interesting, and would like to know considerably more about it by the end of the semester.