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Option 2: Motivation

I originally came to Elizabethtown College mainly because I liked the campus more than other colleges that I had toured. The other real reason was that my first choice college didn’t give me enough off tuition to make it affordable, and Elizabethtown was my second choice. I have come to really like the Elizabethtown college campus and want to continue here for all four years. So while Elizabethtown might have not been my original choice, it has since become the college that I like the most.

In my classes currently I motivate myself by telling myself that college is the only real way that I can succeed the way I want to in life and that I need to maintain grades to keep on that path. My only plans right now involve finishing college then getting a job in the field that I majored in. If I can’t achieve that then I wouldn’t have achieved my dreams in any way. Everything hinges upon these next four years and I need to stay focused on making sure my grades stay at least mostly good.

The only real intervention for giving me more motivation I could think of would be a glimpse at failure. That would continually motivate me because above all, I can’t fail. Everything I have right now relies on my continued grades and I cannot even picture a scenario without them. Beyond that there isn’t much right now that would motivate me to do well in classes.

At the end of the day, that is all that really motivates me at this time, the fear of failure.

Basic Intro

--Original published at Nick's Blog

Q: Why did you take PSY 105?

A: So, I chose to take PSY 105 mainly because I’ve always been interested in psychology and consider it a very important field.

Q: What background do you have in psychology?

A: The only background I have in psychology though is some courses in high school I took for fun that didn’t delve too deep into topics, more skimmed the top.

Q: What do you think of when you hear the word “psychology”?

A: When I hear the word psychology though, I think of being able to delve into the human mind and solve the problems within that cause people problems in their lives.

Q: What 3 topics interest you the most and why? What 3 are the least interesting and why?

A: Well in the course in high school one of the topics was development so I think the cognitive development section will be interesting. We also touched on conditioning in the high school course as well and I really enjoyed that section thoroughly so I think I’ll like that too. I also liked learning about addictions and how those come to be and why, so I think I’ll like that section.

For sections I don’t think I’ll enjoy, I don’t think I’ll like the section on the cerebral cortex as in Human A+P in high school I didn’t enjoy learning about that. I also don’t think psychotherapy will interest me as much just based on the assumption from pop culture I have about it, mainly that it messes people up more. I also don’t think I’ll like the mechanisms of sleep section as my sleeping schedule is so messed up most of the stuff probably won’t apply to me. 😛

Q: What question about psychology do you want to answer by the end of the class?

A: I think the question I’m having the most right now is how does this differ from Human A+P and Sociology. I mean psychology takes a more personal approach that sociology but I don’t see much difference other than that. The scientific aspects like the structures and functions are also touched upon in Human A+P courses so I’m wondering how this will differ.