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Hi my name is Ruth Marquez and i am a freshman with an intended major in occupational therapy. Because of my intended major i am required to take this class and i never took a PSY class so i have no idea if i will be able to handle it. For the most part psychology seems to be a very challenging class because of all the terminology you have to become familiar with. When i think of psychology i think of the behavioral analysis unit of the fBI in how they use the evidence the unknown subject to know what kind of person he or she is in order to effectively catch he/she. The three most interesting topics on the syllabus for me are: How to make memory, why we forget, and personality and culture. These topics seem to interest me because the memories we have is who we are and the memories we create are shaped by our culture that when combined give us our personality. On the other hand three topics i am not looking forward to are: The Brain macro level,Chemicals and consciousness, and mechanics of sleep. This is because for me these topics deal with a lot of chemistry and hard science which is not so easy for me specifically with chemistry. One question i have that i would like to be answered by the end of this class is how psychology can help me better understand my future patients and make them more successful in their everyday activities.